What is Mug Warmer? How it Works?

Coffee, we all are familiar with this. It is one of the most famous drinks in the morning for many coffee lovers. Coffee has its significant benefits, including caffeine-rich elixir, which helps one stay active the whole day. However, the sad part about coffee is it does not stay warm for too long.

 Presently, people are so busy in their life and don’t have enough time to enjoy little things like sipping their delicious coffee when it is warm. What happens is that they order or prepare coffee and leave it to complete the work in hand, and later, they found that their coffee is not as delicious as it should be. Therefore, to counter this problem, mug warmers are the most preferred device to keep your coffee warm while you are working. Let us have a deep-discussion on it.

Best Mug Warmer

What is mug warmer?

When we talk about a mug warmer, then we don’t mean with a heating road or anything which sticks on your cup and make It warm, no not at all. Mug warmer is a device designed to keep your coffee warm for such a long time, even when it is in the mug. A mug warmer works on the principle of the heating coil, just like the electric kettles do. Commonly, mug warmers are very similarly shaped like the drink coasters, which is used for protecting the desk surface from water rings caused by mugs.

Mug coasters look like a thicker version of the disc, and they come in several with different electricity inputs, some with USB ports and other with a wall socket. A mug warmer is the first choice of coffee lovers. Most people are accustomed to delay things, whether it is about some work or having day meals.

 If they are busy with something and have a warm mug of coffee to drink, then they prefer to finish that ongoing work first so that they can enjoy their coffee. But hold on!! It’s not that easy; nature doesn’t work according to us. If you make your coffee wait for too long, then possibly you cannot have the pleasure of warm coffee. But a mug warmer is a perfect solution to this problem that can help you to keep your coffee warm as long as you want.

Type of Mug warmers

In this techno-savvy generation, everything is modified and available in their different variants. Mug warmers are one of them and when you head over to the market, then you will come to know that there are too many varieties present related to mug warmers. Famous companies are investing their time and money in designing and working on mug warmers. Here are a few of them that we are going to mention.

  1. Coffee Mug warmer

 Mr. Coffee mug warmer is one of the most loved mug warmers in the market. It has multiple features with long-lasting durability. This product is probably the best selection for those who believe in performance overlooks. It has an attached 60 inches long cord with 17 watts of power. This mug warmer can keep your coffee warm for several hours until you turn it off. One of the best features of this product is that it is quite small to put and easily fits in pockets or bags.

  1. COSORI CO194 Coffee Mug Warmer

It is a superior product, which shaped like a rectangular plate with a digital display on it. It has a touch screen panel; due to this, you can adjust the temperature and time. It has the power of 24 watts, which is quite enough to make your coffee hot again. People, who prefer stylish products, might find this one Cathy. It is a perfect choice for both home and office. 

  1. Disney Mickey mouse mug warmer

Well, we all grew up watching Mickey Mouse and his show. Mickey Mouse is a cherished character among kids and reminds us of our childhood days. Therefore, what’s better than remembering childhood memories while taking the first sip from your coffee. It is a round-shaped product that is black and has a Mickey logo at front.

How mug Warmer Works?

Usually, people don’t show their interest in knowing how a product works. But hold on! People like you and I are curious to know how a mug warmer works. How it provides heat to mug? How it maintains that temperature for so long? And many more things about which we want to know. So let’s begin!

Under the plastic casing, there is a coil, which is the main factor. Once you turn on the button coil will start to heat up, and as soon as it reaches a moderate temperature, the coil stop hitting up more and maintain the temperature as long as you want.

Now, if you are looking for a scientific expiation, then here it is.

Well, in school, we all have studied the conductors and insulators. Conductors are those, which let electricity pass through them with minimum resistance. On the other hand, resistance does not let electricity pass through them quickly, because of having high resistance properties, the insulator starts heating up. The same phenomenon happens in mug warmer. The coil is made up of a bad electricity-conducting element, which has high resistance properties. When we turn on the power, current flows through a wire in the coil.

The consumption of electricity will continuously increase until the coil become red and start producing heat, which passes through mug warmer to your drink. Once the coil reaches its adjusted temperature, the current flow will decrease and maintain this temperature as long as you want.

You might wonder if the coil inside the mug warmer heated up at a high temperature of 120° to 140° then why it did not harm its casing. The answer is hidden in its material. Many companies use quality material like thermo-glass and plastic, which is not damaged by excess heat. Besides, these materials keep the heat inside the warmer and help in maintaining temperature.


In conclusion, mug warmers are very useful and affordable products. It not only helps you with warming your coffee but also with the help of a mug warmer, you can also use it for many other purposes. Just keep in mind, do not play with electrical products; it can cost you your life if the precaution is not the spirit.