The Extra Uses of Cupcake Carriers

Cupcake carriers are these rectangular or square boxes that help you pack cupcakes without causing harm to their frosting. Sometimes they have compartments and sometimes they don’t. Other than random boxes, cupcake carriers help keep the cupcakes in place while you move them from one location to another. Earlier people used to have many difficulties while carrying cupcakes outdoors with them. However, cookie carriers solved such problems with ease. But did you know? These carriers also have other uses than just acting as carriers for cupcakes.

Keep reading if you want to know five such uses.

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The Extra Uses of Cupcake Carriers 

Use them as cookie and muffin carriers: It is never said that you can only carry cupcakes in a cupcake carrier. You can use the same boxes while you take other baked goods such as cookies and muffins. These goods do not require to be in place at all times as they do not have frosting on them. But cookie carriers can indeed act as protective boxes and help prevent the settling of dust and germs.

Use them as snack boxes: Many cupcake carriers in the market are made using hard plastics. If you own one such cookie carrier, you can also use it to keep the evening snacks at your home. This way, you will not have to open and closes many snack packets while you enjoy your evening tea. If the carrier has compartments, it will prove to be even better. You will be able to put different types of snacks in a single carrier if that is the case.

Use them in a DIY project: Cupcake carriers come in many shapes. Hence one can always do a DIY project using them. The internet is filled with loads of such ideas. Other than that, you can also use the product to keep your small and hard-to-access art and school supplies. These can be anything from – paper clips to wax colors. You will be able to keep them at a single place. Isn’t that fantastic?

Use them as a jewelry box: Okay, we know that this sounds a little exaggerated, but trust us, you can surely achieve this. A cupcake carrier will surely be a place for all your cute pendants and earrings if you are a teenager. Additionally, if the carrier is compartmentalized, it will be even better. You will be able to separate all your jewelry in it. While getting ready, just take the box out, and there you go!

Use them to store your sewing supplies: If you are simply tired of losing buttons and hooks, you should try storing them in a cupcake carrier. You should, however, choose a hard carrier with many compartments for this purpose. Otherwise, it will become extremely tricky. If the carrier does not have any compartments, you can also use it as a storage box for your threads and needles.

Use them as a gift box in emergencies: If you have a cupcake carrier at your home that is currently not in use, you should use it as a gift box. People do not keep cardboard boxes at their homes. Often, the compartments of the carrier can be easily removed to use it as a regular box. If this is how your cupcake carrier is, it will serve as a perfect gift box. Wrap it with your favorite printed gift wrap, and you will have a marvelous box without shopping in the market.


A cupcake carrier generally serves as a storage container. Hence, we have described all types of storing that you can do with them. People of all age groups will find at least one use of these carriers from our list. To understand more about a particular use of the cupcake carrier, you can also search the web. This way, you will be able to use the carriers in an even different way. Reusing cupcake carriers is always good for the environment. Therefore, you should always think of such ideas.

Especially plastic cupcake carriers are perfect for the purpose. We hope that you were able to find an extra use of the cupcake carrier that is lying useless at your homes.