Manual Citrus Juicer Vs. Electric Citrus Juicer

Fruits and fruit juices are always considered to be healthy. Especially the citrus fruits have many advantages and are the best ones to beat the heat too. The benefits are being appreciated from the olden times. The ways to make juice out of citrus fruits is always a challenge. Not that it is difficult, it requires a knack to using only the inner part of it, and the outer part must never come in contact with the juice.

Citrus Juice Extractors has Prominence in Various Industries.

The practice of squeezing the citrus fruits was long available in the world. Then came the manual juicers. It is way too convenient than the squeezing method. Technology has developed devices to be more user friendly. Then comes the electric juicer, which is said to be the most convenient device of all. A man’s convenience is sheerly based on the physical effort being put. If the effort is less and gain is maximum, it is considered to be easy to use. So we have the manual and electric citrus juicer. What is their difference? How is each one helping humankind?

Let us have a look.

Manual Citrus Juicer Vs. Electric Citrus Juicer

How Manual Juicers differ From Electrical Juicers

Manual Juicers came into existence with the view to ease the process of squeezing juice from the citrus fruits and avoiding the skin to be a part of it. The juice extractor became popular for its ease of use and convenience in making the fruit juice. The juicers then evolved with other inbuilt accessories added to it, so that collection of juice became easy. More importantly, the price of the juicer was very low, and that’s one reason people seek that for domestic purposes.

The electrical juicer is an updated version of the juice extractor. It replaces the manual intervention and does the job with minimal human effort. Of course, it is mechanized and uses electricity as the source of power. It is also fast when compared to Manual Juicers. Moreover, electrical juicers are easy to use when there is a need to extract juice out of bigger fruits. Of course, the space required by the electrical juicer is bigger, and it is normally found in commercial outlets.

There is no restriction for anyone to use the electrical juicer at home, but there are obvious reasons why people prefer the manual device over the automatic one.

Firstly, manual juicers are small and compact. It can easily fit your kitchen cabinet or the shelves. Electrical juicers are relatively bigger, and you need to find a place to keep it, and it does occupy the space. You cannot keep changing its position now and then.

Secondly, Manual juicers are convenient for domestic usage, as there will need to make juice out of one or two fruits. Even while cooking, the lemon juice extract is needed only from one half of the lemon. You just have to cut it into halves, put it in between squeezers and get the pulp out. While the electrical juicer becomes exorbitant in such cases, moreover, an electrical juicer can collect the juice in a container and but cannot readily be poured on the food as we do with the manual squeezers.

Thirdly, electrical juicers are needed in places where too many fruits are to be extracted for juice. And it must be fast enough to cater to the time factor as well. An electrical juicer is convenient in such cases, and that’s the prime reason it is used in the restaurants and food outlets. Manual juicers require you to put effort, and extracting juice out of many fruits is a daunting task. More importantly, the time taken is very high and does not cater to the requirements of efficiency.

Lastly, Cleaning a manual juicer is very easy. It does not require a lot of effort here. You just have to throw the skin in the trash can and remove the seeds from the juicer. Further, cleaning it in running water with minimal detergent can serve the purpose. Electrical juicers are complex. You need to take care while cleaning it every time. Though the time taken by the juicer is very low to make the juice, the cleaning time is double that of making the juice. Simultaneously, the electrical wiring and components are supposed to be taken care of while cleaning. You cannot afford to be lethargic; it is dangerous to leave any dust or dirt around the cabinet.

Factors to Check Before Buying a Juicer

Of course, the manual juicers are less expensive when compared to the electrical counterpart. The former is more compact and also portable. But, that’s not the case with the electrical device. It is worth thinking about the requirement before buying a citrus fruit juicer. The reasons to watch out for before purchasing a juicer shall be

  1. Cost: Are you willing to spend a bomb for the juicer? Well, you may have to think about the usage. It shall help you make a decision.
  2. Usage: Is it for a domestic Purpose? Or commercial? It is one of the prime factors that must help you make a decision. If it is for domestic use, a small, compact, and lightweight manual juicer must be fine. If you are looking at a royal kitchen, you may go for the mechanized version, but the usage is significantly less. Think about it. On the other hand, a commercial outlet does require you to go for the electrical juicer.
  3. Physical Effort: This is also an essential factor needed to keep in mind. Though Manual Juicers have a few advantages over the electrical juicer, the juicer’s main disadvantage is the physical effort. You must put a lot of pressure to extract the juice and consider If there are older people at home who are in the cooking zone. On the other hand, the electrical juicer does not require a lot of effort to make the juice but for cleaning.

The usage of citrus juice is common at home and in restaurants. The extractor that you are planning must suit the requirements and also the convenience, and all these factors must blend with the cost too.