Is Olive Oil Spray Good for Your Health?

Olive oil is one of the best cooking oil in the market. It enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals, which is good for your heart as well as your skin. And, just like regular olive oil, its spray form is incredibly beneficial for our health.

Mostly, cooking sprays contain lecithin, which is an emulsifying agent, and propellant to push oil out of the can. The motive behind using a cooking spray is to protect food from sticking to the pan. Now we are going to discuss how olive oil spray is good or bad for your health.

Healthy Benefits of Using Olive Oil Spray

There are plethoras of advantages of using olive oil spray for cooking. First, it contains vital fatty acid and oleic acid that are good for your heart health and your skin too. It contains a low amount of calorie, which is around 30 calories in each spray.

Using a low-calorie oil spray helps you to maintain your fitness level as well as keep your face in shape. Usually, people do not use an oil spray to moisturize their cooking appliance before cooking and use basic oil, which is full of calories, cholesterol and fatty acid. They all are not suitable for your healthy leaving.

Furthermore, olive oil spray is 100% olive oil without including any other chemical, which is not good for you. According to the “University of Howard”, olive oil has very lower smoke points, which is good for your kitchen as well as for you. Having a high smoke during cooking might harmful for you, you can face some problem regarding and will not be able to see clearly. That smoke, which comes from burned spices, can make your eyes watery and possibly can make you unconscious.

Additional, olive oil is extra virgin oil, which means that the oil doesn’t pass through any refinery process and still maintaining its high quality. Besides, olive oil spray not only protects your food from burning or sticking to the pan but also it adds a slight taste in your food and makes your dish even better. Olive oil contains a chemical name called pydimethylsilox. This chemical prevents oil from forming up inside its bottle. Also, it forms a hydrophobic surface, which repels water on the surface.

Olive oil is also good for teenagers, as it contains many nutritious and healthy oleic acids, which is good for their brain and muscle growth. Mostly, kids avoid eating cooked food like fried vegetables and meat, but if you offer them a dish made up with olive oil spray, there are high chances that they love their food. Today, almost every cooking spray manufacturer prefers to use a chemical named as Diacetyl. This chemical adds a significant flavour in your cooked food and gives you the pleasure of luxury food.

Moving further, as it is aforementioned that olive oil contains an essential chemical, to use the product ideally, is propellant. However, not everyone is genius; mostly, we do not know about propellant and its properties. And, there are many big companies, which don’t label proper information about this chemical, and unfortunately, they are legally allowed to do that. But at the same time, every olive oil spray manufacturer gives proper printed information regarding the product and it’s ingredients.

Olive oil spray is quite a famous product in the market, so it is easily available in any grocery store or shopping mall. Also, it is quite affordable; a regular olive oil spray bottle gives you around 500+ sprays. There are many companies, which provide cooking olive oil spray like Ray health, Spray a light, Pam olive oil and many more.


Finally, to elucidate this, it is worth mentioning that olive oil spray has its remarkable benefits. As we have mentioned in this passage, olive oil spray is one of the most necessary cooking ingredients. By the help of olive oil spray, we can enjoy an unburned meal, and because of its lower smoke points, we don’t need to worry about our eyes and breathing. Also, many health care institutes suggest olive oil for teenagers for their better growth. Last but not least, your health is the most important factor in your life, so healthy intakes lead to a healthy life.