Immersion Blenders vs. Food Processors: How Are They Different?

Preparing delicious food is a great art that most people like. The Artistic effort to use the culinary tool and other food processing devices makes it convenient too. Many mechanized devices have emerged to ease the process of food making. It not only saves time but also reduces human effort. In this modern world filled with efficiency, time becomes a prime factor of success. If there is a blend of efficiency and effectiveness, it becomes the best device ever.

In this context of the kitchen and food-making process, two exclusive devices are interchangeably used and known. One is the Immersion blender, and the other is the food processor. Both are versatile kitchen types of equipment that eases the process of food making. The human effort is significantly reduced by using them.

As said earlier, these two mechanical devices are interchangeably used and known, but there are vast differences between the two. Certain things can be done with one device that can never be done with the other. Of course, both complement the cook with quick and easy access. But it is always better to know the differences so that the results are obtained to your expectations. A lot of times, if the right things are not done with the right types of equipment, it shall not guarantee maximum results.

Immersion Blender vs. Food Processor

Immersion Blender

It is a mechanical device predominantly used to blend liquid items that are present in a container. Say, for example, the immersion blender is used to whip the cream, make well-balanced soup, etc.

Food Processor

It is again a mechanical device that is used in the kitchen for solid food ingredients. Like chopping vegetables, mixing dough so, and so forth. Food Processor is a piece of complete equipment which can do a lot of tasks. It keeps you away from putting a lot of effort into cooking too.

While these are the main differences between the two, we may encounter other clinical differences using an immersion blender and a food processor.

Common Differences Between an Immersion Blender and a Food Processor

Firstly, An immersion blender is a device that must be immersed in the liquid of a container. This container does not come along with the blender. It can be any of your kitchen utensils. You may have just press a button to have the ingredients smashed or squashed or even mixed. While we say this, an immersion blender cannot be used to mix any solid ingredients. The food material must be half liquid or smashed or steamed or even semi-liquid to get desired results.

The food processor is more of a complete kitchen cabinet. It can cut vegetables for you. Slice Fruits too. It is more of a food processing unit that is needed for further cooking. The raw vegetables can be easily chopped using the food processor. The blades of the food processor are very sharp and can get the job done easily. Not much of human effort needed as the device itself is powered by electricity.

So, it is understood that Immersion blender cannot be used on harder, solid food ingredients while the Food processor cannot be used for liquid items.

One similarity between the two is, they both save human effort. On a click of a button, the ingredients are mixed while the food processor allows you to get the ingredients ready for further cooking process in a quick time.

Secondly, an immersion blender is a small unit; It is compact and easy to use. That means to say; it can be stored anywhere in your kitchen without taking much space. It can be placed on a shelf or also hung on the walls.  One the other hand, the food processor is relatively a bigger unit. It requires space to place it, and it does occupy too much space. Further, you must place it in a place where it is accessible for you to use. It is not comfortable to relocate it now and then.

So it is understood that Immersion blender is portable while the food processor is not.

Thirdly, the cleaning of the immersion blender is easy compared to the food processor. As most of the blenders are waterproof, it just requires you to place it under running tap water. Further, using mild detergent to clean it makes the process easy. Whereas, the food processor requires a lot of effort to clean. Cleaning every part of it consumes more time than getting the food product ready.

So it is clearly understood that maintenance of an immersion blender is easy while it is not in the case of a food processor.

The immersion blender is less noisy. There are a few blenders that are powered by electricity; still, the noise is less. While the food processor gives noise, and that depends on what food ingredient we have added.

Versatility and Care

The versatility to smash the nuts is easy with the food processor, while the immersion blender is good in making whipped cream and yogurt. Though both are waterproof, care must be taken while using both devices. As such, a blender must be immersed completely in the food item. If not, there is all the possibility of the food to get splattered. Ensure that you cover the container with your hand while using a blender. The food processor must also be covered properly with the lid. The processors shall come with a proper lid and ensure that it is covered before pressing the on the switch.

The electricity consumption is usually low in the case of the immersion blender. Few models also come as a hand blender that does not require electricity. On the other hand, the food processor consumes a lot of power. The power is consumed for the work it does.

Both of these devices maximize productivity. At the same time, it saves time too. If the right ingredients are used in each of the devices, the results are excellent. Of course, certain blenders can cut vegetables as the food processor does, but the latter is more versatile.