How to Use, Clean and Care a Lemon Zester

Lemon Peel is often considered nutritious. It makes it a good ingredient while added as a flavor to many dishes. Though not so prominent in its usage, it is to be understood that lemon peels are rich in Vitamin C and promotes bone health. Though many kitchen pieces of equipment can be used to peel off a lemon’s skin, a zester is more convenient than any other equipment.

Zester | What is it?

A Zester is a small tool used in the kitchen to scrape or peel the citrus fruits’ skin. It is exclusively used to peel the lemon shreds. The zester is of small size with a curved end. It has holes and rims on top, which facilitates the scraping process while moving the zester back and forth on the lemon. Moderate pressure on the fruit is applied to remove the skin of the lemon.

Though it is easily said, one must know how to use a zester. There may not be the possibility of any danger, but when not used appropriately, you may not get the desired result. This write up shall help you understand how to use a zester. Additionally, you will also learn how to clean and maintain a zester at home for long life.

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Usage | Ways to Use a Zester

The Citrus fruits have different layers in it. The outer layer called the flavedo is the one that gives the flavor to food. The inner layer albedo is bitter. There must be caution taken while using a lemon zester as the inner layer must not be added to the zest.

Let us see how a zester can be used to make lemon zest.

Firstly, clean any citrus fruit with running water. Especially the lemon needs to be washed to have the wax removed. All we want is the zest and not the wax. Once it is washed, wipe it with a dry cloth, this may help you zest the lemon easily without any slippage.

Secondly, place the zester on the fruit with mild pressure. Let us understand what we require is the outer layer and not the inner layer, as it is bitter. Once you place the zester with mild pressure, rotate the fruit gently. Once it gets seamless, you can increase the pace, but not too much. Alternatively, you can move the zester back and forth, but not when you rotate the lemon.  Any method that you can resort to, but ensure that you are gentle with the fruit.

Lastly, collect the zest and use it for salads, soups, and lemon desserts. If you feel there is extra lemon zest and you would not want to waste it. We have many options to make it edible. You can add the zest to Margarita salt to add to Tea. If you like soft butter, you can mix it with fresh butter and make it a compound one.

 Maintenance | How to Clean a Zester

There are many ways to clean a zester. It ensures that the zester stays for a long time and makes it hygienic for the next use. You can clean the zester immediately after use. At the same time, you must keep your zester clean and clear for the next use. It requires you to put some effort.

Planning to clean it immediately after use, here we go

As soon as you use the zester, place it under running water. It is done to ensure any excess zest is removed before cleaning. Once you are sure that the excess zest is removed, use a brush to scrape the rims and holes. You can use soap additionally, but understand citrus is a wonder cleanser in itself. Care needs to be taken while you use the hand to clean the zester. As you know, the zester has the handle, so when you plan to wipe off the excess zest, move it from the handle to the top. It will prevent you from hurting your fingers.

While we do this if you want to clean it thoroughly as a process to keep your zest clean and dirt-free, soak it in hot water. The water need not be super hot, but it has to be hot to remove the citrus stains if any. Soak it for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Take it out of the water and use a brush and liquid detergent to clean the surface thoroughly. It ensures that the excess zest in the hole is completely removed. Wash the zest once again with running water and keep it to air dry. It is highly recommended to air dry the zester before storing it on the kitchen shelf.

Preserve | Make Healthy Food

It is good to take care of the zester by using appropriate ways. It is a culinary tool that directly comes in contact with the food items.

  • It is always advised to wash the zester before you use it. Also, wipe with a dry cloth. It ensures that it keeps away the dust and ensures the steel edges are softened, and the edges are removed from any specks that can avoid it from doing its job properly.
  • When you wipe the zester, use a dry cloth and not a dry paper napkin. The dry cloth can seamlessly wipe the zester without anything stuck to the metal holes. While using the paper napkin, the holes and rims may create a problem in getting stuck in between the holes.
  • Always air dry the zester for some period. If needed, you can also place it in the sun to give extra protection.
  • Use a zester cover or a protective sheet to cover the surface. It shall help you from getting hurt, especially when kids are around.

Lemon zest is a highly nutritious food ingredient that can be used in soups and salads for a tangy flavor. It is an art to make the food tasty and also hygienic. One way to prepare the food safe for everyone is by knowing how to use the culinary tool. Moreover, knowing how to keep it clean adds extra protection to life.