How to Use a Kitchen Scale for Different Purposes

Kitchen scales are such a fantastic tool that we cannot even fathom their amazing uses in various places these days. They are bought by many people these days, mainly for personal applications. They use to weigh different items in their homes so that they can lead a healthy and better lifestyle. A kitchen scale often displays the weight in many different and interchangeable units. These units may include – ounce, gram, and stone. Therefore, people from all over the countries are going gaga over buying these easy to use scales. But today we are going to mention all the purposes that these scales serve at different places. This way, you will understand that the uses of kitchen scales are not just limited to the kitchen.

Before we move into the uses, let us all first understand the steps of using these digital scales.

Kitchen Scale

Step 1: Place the kitchen scale on a flat surface

Always try to keep the scales on a flat surface before you use them. If you don’t, the scale will simply show altered reading, which will only impart false knowledge of the weight you measure. Make sure that the surface does not have ridges so that the scale is always balanced.

Step 2: Turn the scale on

For turning these digital scales on, you will have to press the on and off button on the device for 2-3 seconds. Once the scale is on, you will see its display lighting up. However, if the scale is not manual, i.e., if the scale you own is manual, you won’t need to do this step. We prefer to use digital kitchen scales as they have the ‘tare’ feature on them.

Step 3: Place the item you are supposed to weigh on the platform of the scale

Now, slowly place the item on the scale to know its weight. You have to wait for a few seconds for the scale to show the reading accurately. After this, you just have to read the weight from the display, and you are done. To increase or decrease the weight of the item, try taking or putting a little amount it from or to the platform.

Once you are done with everything, simply take the item away and continue with whatever you are supposed to do with it.

Since you have now understood how you can use a kitchen scale, let us know the many purposes that it efficiently serves.

  • Use the kitchen scale to measure your ingredients: This is the kitchen scale’s primary use as it is meant to help you a lot when it comes to measuring ingredients and portion control. Using a kitchen scale will only help you move towards a better and well-balanced lifestyle. It will also help people in measuring their creatinine and protein supplements if they are avid gym-goers. A kitchen scale is an answer to all your diet problems.
  • Use the kitchen scale while you make desserts: When you are making your favorite desserts, a kitchen scale can be a blessing. Whether you are making cakes, pastries, or cupcakes, a kitchen scale will help you make everything perfectly as it helps you inaccurate ingredient measurement. Nothing will go wrong once you use the kitchen scale for such purposes.
  • Use it as a baby scale at the time of emergencies: if the weight limit of your scale is high, you can also use it as a baby scale. However, you have to make sure that you only use a comfortable and long platform for this. And we would also like to inform you that you must only use the scale for newborn babies and not toddlers. Using the scale for toddlers will simply damage the device.
  • Use it in laboratories: Did you know? Scales are also used in laboratories, especially when it is a Chemistry laboratory. Measuring chemicals well will help carry on the experiments well. Hence, a kitchen scale can be used if it an elementary chemistry lab such as the labs in middle schools and high schools.


This was everything we wanted to explain to our readers about the various uses of a kitchen scale. We wish that you own one of these scales as soon as possible as they are simply the best. Choose a qualitative kitchen scale to have it and use it for several years without damage.