How to Maintain a Lemon Squeezer and Use it correctly

“When life gives you lemons, you must make lemonades out of them.” But how are you going to do it if you don’t know how to squeeze them using a lemon squeezer. Even when you do know it, you should also know how you can maintain the squeezer so that it lasts many years. On a hot summer day, lemonade is something that every other person craves. Other than lemonades, you can also use lemon juice in many dishes to add a tart, citrusy flavor to them. And did you know? Lemon juice is also good for skin as it is rich in vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. It helps rejuvenate skin cells and also prevents and removes tan from the skin. You can add the lemon juice in face masks or apply them directly. It will also help you bleach your facial hair to achieve a lighter and brighter skin tone. Today we are just going to describe how one can squeeze lemons using a lemon squeezer correctly.

We would also explain how you should take care of this tool to make it go for years at your home.

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Steps of Using a Lemon Squeezer

  • Choose the right and ripe lemon – For this, you will have to feel the lemon with your fingers and hands. Lemon that is soft but not too soft will be the perfect choice for the purpose. Once you are done choosing it, cut it in half using a knife. Make sure you cut it through its body and not through its head.
  • Place the cut lemon into the lemon squeezer – you have to be conscious and place the cut part of the lemon as if it is facing downwards towards the collecting container. This way, the squeezer will be able to push the dome of the lemon down easily. If the cut part of the lemon is placed up, the juice will simply squirt, and your countertop will be a mess.
  • Press the pair of handles of the lemon squeezer – To do this, first place the squeezer over a collecting jar, glass, or bowl. After that, press the handles towards each other. For this purpose, you can use both of your hands. The closer the handles come, the better. Also, grip these handles carefully; otherwise, it will slip.
  • Squeeze the handles some extra bit – Apply some extra pressure while squeezing lemons to make sure all its juice is collected. You can also squeeze several times so that the juice comes out easily without straining your hands. You can also try inverting the rind for extra extraction of lemon juice.

Tips on Maintaining a Lemon Squeezer

  • Wash the squeezer in time – Once you are done using the squeezer, we recommend you should wash it as soon as possible. If you do not do this, the product may have a reduced life span, as lemon juice is extremely acidic. You can also try dipping in water first for better cleaning.
  • Wash it the right way – Some lemon squeezers can be tossed in all types of a dishwasher. Others are only supposed to be washed with hands. To know about your squeezer, make sure you read such details about it. If you don’t, the product will simply get damaged or cracked.
  • Scrub it the right way – Soft brushed clean lemon squeezers the best way. They do not cause any scratches or chip their material away. On the other hand, steel brushes and scrubs do all the harms that are possible. Also, you should wash the squeezer with a softer and lighter force. Doing this will never break the squeezer.
  • Drying and Storage – For drying, we generally recommend air drying the product leaving it in a well-aerated environment. Sunlight can sometimes be harmful if the squeezer is made from fiber material. Furthermore, try storing the squeezer in a cabinet or drawer that isn’t fully loaded; otherwise, you will end up breaking the squeezer in pieces while you struggle to take it out.


That is all that we have for you today. Lemon squeezers are amazing tools that help you juice lemons. If you use them properly, you will be able to make the best lemonades right in your homes.

We hope that you were able to now know how you can maintain and use a lemon squeezer through the information that we provided.

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