How to Install a Kitchen Faucet Effectively

Kitchen faucets are taps on the sink that acts as water outlets. They truly decide the look of the entire sink and set a tone in the wash area of your kitchen. Kitchen faucets have different designs and handle types; therefore, it becomes imperative to choose the ones that look the best and suit the most with your interior kitchen designs. They are generally straightforward to install, but you need to understand the process well before you start taking the installation matter in your hands.

But before doing this, make sure you have all the plumbing tools that you might need. You can also access the internet to look up for such practical tools. Let us now deal with the entire installation process and describe it in detailed steps –

Kitchen Faucet Effectively

Removing the old/pre-existing kitchen faucet 

Step 1: Remove the old faucet from your sink

For this, you will need to turn all the water valves off from under your sink. Otherwise, you will create a mess in your kitchen as the water from the reservoir will splash out. After this, turn the pre-existing faucet on to make sure it is not leaking.

Step 2: Understand the configuration

Before taking the kitchen faucet out, you must take an in-depth look at its fitting configuration. If you wish, you can also take a picture and save it on your phone for having a reference later on.

Step 3: Disconnect the supply lines

For this, we will suggest you to use a bucket underneath the pipes to prevent any leakage. Once you are done placing the bucket, start disconnecting the lines using a wrench that best fits the connections.

Step 4: Remove the pre-existing faucet

Ask someone to start removing the faucet as you loosen it from under the sink cabinet. Once the removal is done, clean the installation holes to remove all sorts of dirt and grime. Cleaning will also enable easy installation of the new faucet, and dirt won’t harm its surface.

Installing the new kitchen faucet 

Step 1: Unpack the new faucet and start placing it in the holes

Before doing this, you should put the trim ring or gasket above the sinkholes. Once you are done doing this, feed the kitchen faucet lines into the holes while holding it firmly.

Step 2: Put the securing nuts on

Move to the cabinet beneath the sink and start installing the nuts and washers. Some people also use putty to make everything more secure and strong. If you are doing this, please remove the excess well.

Step 3: Start joining the water lines

Next, you will have to join the water supply lines to the newly installed kitchen faucet. To make the connection secure, you must use the best quality of the plumber’s tape. You can buy these tapes online or visit your local hardware store. Also, never tighten the connections too much, or you will end up with broken lines.

Step 4: Turn the water supply on

After you have joined and secured everything turns the water connection slowly to check for any leaks that might occur. If you notice any leaks in the process, tighten the link using the best fitting wrench. Again, do not tighten too much.

Step 5: Check for leaks in the faucet head

 For this, you will have to remove the aerator from the head by pulling it done. After the removal, turn water once again and lets it flow for a few seconds. This process will make all the lines clear and working.

Step 6: Recheck all the connections

If everything is working well, you must still spend some minutes on cross-checking each connection. If you see no mistakes replace the kitchen faucet aerator on its head, and you are done with the installation.


Kitchen faucets are very easy to install if you know their details. Knowing how to do such basic installation will help you save a lot of money. We have noticed many people wasting a lot of money on plumbers to get their kitchen faucets fixed. Hence we had to come up with a step by step guide to explain the installation securely.

But other than this guide, you should also read the instructions of the manuals that come with the kitchen faucets. If you do this, you will never make any mistakes.