How to Clean and Care a French Fry Cutter

French fries considered the most delicious, crispy, and soft snacks. French fries are made up of potatoes, and its serving depends on the country, some prefer fries with ketchup or vinegar, on the other hand, some like to have them with tomato sauce or mayonnaise. Americans and other English countries are just crazy about French fries; they love to eat them nearly with anything. Whether it is beer, tea, or anything, they just love it.

Now, if we talk about the process of making them, then there is no rocket science to make hot, crispy, and super delicious French fries. All you need to do is the peel of the outer surface of the potato after washing them. After that, use a French fry cutter to cut the potato in the perfect shape of French fries and then wash the chopped pieces of French fries in cold water in order to remove the starch present on them.

 Once done with the cleaning process, now you need to pour the average amount of oil in the wok and then put fries in it. Gradually, move the fries with spatula help; put them out of work once they get their vibrant golden color. Sprinkle some salt, and there you have it,  now enjoy your mouth watering, superbly delicious crunchy fries. But hold on!!!

Best French Fry Cutters

You have successfully prepared French fries, but here is the most challenging part: cleaning the French fry cutter. Generally, fry cutters have sharp blades and a pushing plate, which has multiple cuts, and while chopping process piece of potatoes stuck into cuts, which is hard to remove. Now we will give a brief description of how to clean and care a French fry cutter properly. Let’s begin!

Commonly, French fry cutters come in parts, so you can easily assemble or disassemble according to their need. First, we talk about the cutters that you can disassemble at the time of cleaning.

  • Safety first

Your safety must be your priority; most people cut their fingers while cleaning their fry cutter because the fry cutter has a very sharp blade, which can easily harm your finger even at a light touch. Even at the time of disassembling, you need to push the blade out of the cutter after loosening the two or three screws on the front of the cutter. If you push with your bare hands just in case you want to save time, you might cut your finger. Therefore, To clean it without harming yourself, you need to use the proper tool.

  • Use of right tools

    Usually, people don’t know, but the proper tool of cleaning a fry cutter and this lack of knowledge lead them to harm themselves at the end of the cleaning process. Now, most of you might wonder what the right tools for cleaning a simple fry cutter could be. So, the answer is brushes and dish wash soap. There are three types of brushes recommended for cleaning a French fry cutter.

  • Long brush 

Long length brushes are very useful when it comes to clean a fry cutter. Generally, they are 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. With the help of a long brush, you can clean the pusher plate, which has multiple cuts in order. Just take a little amount of dish wash soap and pusher plate with a brush. Due to this, you can remove most of the stuck food from there. Well, I said most of the stuck food, not properly clean.

  • Medium brush 

This brush works quite effectively on removing stuck pieces of potatoes from the pusher plate and cutting blade. If we talk about the measurements, then these kinds of brushes are 7 inches long and around 2.5 inches wide. Its medium size bristles can move quickly in the gaps and remove remaining stuff. Instead of this, this bulrush can easily clean the cutting blade without any problem. Its 4 inches long handle helps protect your fingers from getting in touch with the blade’s sharp edges. 

  • Small brush

Hygiene is also a significant factor in cleaning. Cleaning is not only about removing stuck pieces of potatoes or anything else’s; it’s about properly clean your utensil so that you don’t need to worry about your health while using it next time. That is why small brushes are the primary recommendation for the proper cleaning of the fry cutter. These brushes are approximately 6-8 inches long and just an inch wide. With this brush’s help, you can clean those areas of cutter there; you cannot put your finger or any other thing to clean it.

  • Rinse all parts

Once you finish with scrubbing, it’s time to rinse all the disassembled parts with Luke-worm water’s help. Don’t rush! Go slow and check that every part is perfectly cleaned, and there is nothing remained in there.

  • Let them dry 

After rinsing, you need to put all wet parts of cutters for drying. Nevertheless, make sure that the parts are out of the reach of the kids; it might hurt them if they try to play with them. 

  • Assembling process

Now you have to assemble all parts properly to use it again. Don’t forget about safety; blades are still sharp, so react accordingly.

Moving further, let’s talk about how to clean those cutters, which not allow you to disassemble its parts.

It’s not that hard; all you need to do is use all three upper mentioned brushes and even longer if required. Use them to clean the blade and pusher plate. In addition to it, take a few drops of strong dish wash soap and warm water, prepare a solution, and clean the cutter. Strong dish wash soap helps you to make more soap form and make the cleaning process quite easy.


Finally, to elucidate this, it is worth mentioning that French fries are the best snack for kids and adults. Moreover, French fry cutter makes its making process quite simple. However, the only part that can be considered a little tricky is cleaning the fry cutter.

If it’s done right with proper tools, then there are no such issues, but if you ignore the information mentioned above, it might be dangerous for you.