Different Types of Kitchen Spatula and Their Uses

The spatula is the foremost tool of the kitchen. It is a flat object which is also known as flipper or turner, used to mix or lift food while cooking. Most commonly, the rubber and metal material of spatulas present in the market. In the kitchen, we use different kinds of flippers like a rubber spatula, fish spatula, offset spatula, and many more.

 All of these turners are acquiring almost similar names but work differently according to their purpose. All of them are divided into three parts, handle, stick, and the flat blade at the edge. Here we have a list of some commonly used flippers in the kitchen.

Kitchen Spatula

1. Rubber spatula

In a rubber spatula, the major materials can be rubber, plastic, or silicon. It has a handle to hold, which is designed for comfortable gripping and better control, attached with a rectangular rubber blade. Its middle part usually has rubber, metal, or wood materials. Often, its flexibility tells about its performance.

It is used as a scraping tool and used for cleaning jars of different things like peanut butter, pickle, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, etc. With the help of this tool, you can ensure that not a semi-liquid food item left in the jar, which means no food wastage.

One corner of the rubber blade is flat, for getting into corners of cooking vessels like cake pans. And, remaining part of the blade is slightly curved, which is suitable for scrapping, and because of having rubber blades, it doesn’t harm the surface of dishes, pans, and bowls.

Well, as we all know, everything has its drawbacks, just like a rubber spatula. Unfortunately, its rubber blade is not durable for a long time; you have to purchase a new one every few years. Also, you can’t use it on a hot surface because its rubber is not heatproof.

2. Offset spatula

It is a robust, durable, and shiny flipper. It has a dazzling blade that is blunt from edges, not sharp. It usually comes with the wood handle for better grip and uses. This spatula is the first choice of many bakers. The most common use of this type of spatula is to spread the batter onto the cake and add a layer on its side. You can also use this spatula while cooking for spreading and mixing vegetables in the frying pan.

It is easily available at your nearby kitchen appliance store, in case you need to but one for your kitchen. You can spend several years with this blade without changing. This spate is available in different shapes and sizes. So, you can fairly choose one as per your demand. Smaller ones usually work well in small projects like cupcakes and others while bigger spatula is a better selection if you’re making something big like cake.

3. Fish spatula

A fish spatula is basically used during frying so that you can easily mix and, if needed, cut a significant portion of vegetables, meat, or anything in the pan. The fish spatula is actually a king of all spatulas, because of its multipurpose. This type of spatula usually comes with a steel blade, which is a quite thin, durable, and sharp edge, suitable for moving a pancake just by sliding under it without ruining its shape.

Its thick handle design gives you a high gripping on it, and you can use it flawlessly without getting any pain in your wrist. By this spatula, you can flip a burger in a very small skillet. This flipper is a lot easier to clean than any other plastic spatula.

4. Wooden spatula

Wooden spatulas are also known as wooden skimmers. They are high-quality tools, which are useful in making tomato sauce, stir-frying vegetables, stirring pasta, and many more dishes. They are made of natural wood, which is good for cooking because not only they can slightly enhance the taste, but also it won’t damage the surface of your cooking appliance.

Also, they are almost unbreakable because of its sleek and classy design; they are easily washable and never lose their glossy shine. Furthermore, research showed that wood has the quality to kill germs. So, you don’t need to worry about hygiene. And, that’s the most prominent advantage of wooden skimmers. Nobody wants their cooking tools to become a living place of many bacteria and parasites.

5. Flatulas spatula

It is a very demandable and widely used spatula in the kitchen. This spatula is very thin and flexible that it can go under anything without messing your dish like fried fish, pancakes, grilled cheese, fried fish, and whatever you can think it possibly gives you remarkable results.

It has a widely flexible blade than other spatulas; by this, we can quickly flip like anything on the pan and can transfer them to plate without even dropping a single piece of food. It is made by heat-resistance nylon, so it is familiar with both non-stick and stainless pans.


Finally, to elucidate this topic, it is worth mentioning that spatulas play a vital and most crucial role in our kitchen. Not having the right kind of spatula can also make our work ten times more difficult, we can also possibly hurt you while with not suitable tools.