10 Best Soda Makers 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

If we ask you that during the summer days, what type of beverage you mostly like to drink? And we are sure that most of you won’t neglect the sodas and sparkling water from your list. Right? Yeah, we know that there is a more fun plus taste to drinking these carbonated waters. But the main problem that most people complain about is the soda can storage process as well as the recycling of bottles and cans. Yes, you can’t just every time go and buy one bottle when you need it. That’s why many people prefer to store many soda cans and bottles in their freezer. But if you don’t want to fill your freezer with the stock of soda cans, you should try to soda makers. Today we are going to publish a in-depth review on Best Soda Maker 2020.

Basically, a good soda maker allows you to make the fresh soda at your home; you only need some ingredients and a soda maker for it. Many users who are using the soda makers at their home, said that this particular machine is a very convenient way to get the carbonated water whenever possible. Now, if you think that you should buy one good soda maker for your home use, wait for more than you need to know. When you head over to the market, then you will come to know that there are too many varieties and variants present in the market related to soda makers. But to help each consumer to resolve all the confusion, we have decided to put this report where we have listed ten best soda makers of 2020.

Best Buy Soda Maker Reviews 2020

1. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

Best Soda Maker

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SodaStream’s soda maker is the most popular type of maker in the market right now. If you are looking for a value for money type of soda maker, then we will first suggest this one. The one thing that we liked the most about this particular soda maker is that here you will get other very useful stuff out of the box. The manufacturing company is providing the CO2 cartridges, flavor extract bottles, and other bottles to drink the soda after making. Firstly, let’s talk about the soda maker itself, so here you are getting an excellent build quality of machine to make the sparkling water, soda water, or other carbonated waters at home.

The working method of this maker is also pretty simple, you just have to fill the bottle with the water, and then just put it down the maker. The rest of the CO2 dissolving task, the make will automatically complete. Many users usually feel very satisfied with this soda maker because it allows them to make soda whenever they want.

Top Features:

  • The SodaStream company is offering two CO2 cartridges out of the box, and each cartridge is able to make 60 liters of soda without any problem.
  • Inside the pack, you will also get some fruit extracts to make your soda water tastier and according to your taste preferences.
  • The company’s material is completely free from any chemical, and that will not cause any water contamination issues.


Best Soda Maker

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The AARKE’s soda make is the best looking as well as the most durable type of make that we have found in the market by taking a look at hundreds of different options. So, if you are ready to invest a bit of extra money to buy a premium type of soda maker, then we want to suggest this one first. Yeah, we know that it is a premium maker for carbonated waters, but believe it or not, the price point will fade away in front of its amazing features. The overall design of this carbonated water maker is very simple but elegant looking.

At first glance, this maker looks like one piece of the machine, but this is not the truth. Here you will get actually three parts in this maker. The upper injector is only to inject or to convert the ordinary water into carbonated water with high-pressure CO2. The middle pole, where you have to put the cartridge to make this soda maker functional. And the third part is the base where you can put the bottle to make soda or sparkling water.

Top Features:

  • It is the most straightforward uses of the carbonated water maker, and to make soda from it, you just have to fill the bottle with water then attach the bottle with the machine.
  • Inside the box, you will get the non-toxic type of bottle that will not be going to play any role in the water contamination, even after long use.

3. iSi 102001 Soda Maker

Best Soda Maker

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iSi 102001 stainless steel built soda makes allow you maximum possible portability. Not only this but if you are dealing with the lower budget problem, then even this soda maker can be an excellent solution for you. We are saying this because the price of this carbonated water maker is too low, actually. And you can easily buy this make at the half price of a premium one. But it doesn’t mean that here you won’t get a good quality of pressurization or good soda with this maker. Instead, this soda maker can provide the best taste of soda, and you can make it whenever you want.

Talking about the box content, you will get with this sparkling water maker; you will notice that the manufacturers haven’t included many items out of the box because of its higher portability. The pack has only included a stainless steel bottle or container, and some other soda making attachments for this bottle. According to the manufacturers, you can only make one quart of soda at a time with the help of this maker.

Top Features:

  • The upper cap of this bottle works like a pressurizing mechanism, where you just have to put the reusable and small CO2 cartridge; after that, just shake it.
  • The small-sized CO2 cartridges are reusable plus portable, so you won’t going to feel any issue while carrying the overall soda maker with you.

4. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker

Best Soda Maker

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We have another SodaStream product on this list, this time we have decided to add the SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker on this list. We know that the first soda maker was a bit expensive, and if you do not have enough money to spend that first maker of this list, then this one also is a good option for you. The overall working process, as well as the design of both sparkling water makers, is very close to each other. In our opinion, you won’t be going to miss the features of the first spot of the maker, if you will use this one instead of that one.

The using process of this maker is also pretty simple; for this first insert the cartridge inside the maker. After that, fill the bottle with the water, and even add some flavors if you want. Now you are ready to go, just put the bottle on its position in the soda maker, now by pressing a single button, you can make the pressurized soda water.

Top Features:

  • This time the SodaStream company has added the one CO2 cartridge out of the box, but still, this cartridge is enough to make up to 60 liters of soda water.
  • A BPA free bottle is also present or comes with the overall box content, and it is entirely safe to use.

5. DrinkMate Sparkling Water or Soda Maker

Best Soda Maker

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DrinkMate is offering a fantastic type of soda maker for all the consumers. If you have previously used any standard soda making machine, you may know that some makers don’t correctly dissolve the CO2 into the water. Right? If you have decided to go with this particular soda maker, then congrats because it comes with advanced features. The best feature that other users and we liked the most is the higher pressure it can provide. If you are into soda makers, then you may know that high pressure means proper dissolving of C02 into water.

The overall design of this soda maker is very simple and easy to understand. Yeah, we know that some of you may react like “This soda maker has a similar design as the first and the fourth spot of makers.” Right?  Yes, it is true, but some other dissimilarities exist between this model and the other models of carbonated watermakers. The first and most significant difference is present in the build quality, so here you are getting a bit of sturdy build as compared to others.

Top Features:

  • The fizz infuser technology of this maker is very useful plus very easy but safe to use even for children.
  • The higher amount of pressure generating is another very essential feature that we liked the most about this DrinkMate soda maker.

6. KitchenAid KSS1121AQ Sparkling Beverage Maker


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Talking about the KitchenAid company, then we are sure that many of you already know about this brand name. If not, then we want to tell you that the KitchenAid company is offering a good quality of useful kitchen appliances. This company did the same in the field of soda makers by providing excellent features. So, on the sixth spot of this list, we are feeling very glad to introduce the KitchenAid KSS1121AQ Sparkling Beverage Maker in front of all the readers of this post. At first glance, the design and working method of this beverage maker look very traditional.

Actually, this soda maker comes with two body material; the first one is the metal, and the second is the excellent quality of plastic material. Overall the build quality of this KitchenAid soda maker is very impressive in terms of longer lifespans, so if you want a very premium quality of sparkling water maker with all the important features a user can expect from a good sparkling water maker.

Top Features:

  • If you are a person who loves the traditional looking kitchen appliances, then we are sure that you are going to fall in love with this soda maker.
  • The build quality is very solid because of the premium metal that the company has provided for all consumers.

7. SodaStream Genesis Soda Water Maker

Best Soda Maker

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Did you like the fifth spot of the soda maker of this list? If yes, then we are damn sure that this one is also going to be in your favorites list. So, on the seventh spot here, we have added the SodaStream Genesis, Soda Maker. If you want the top-notch type of experience from a soda maker, this is what we will suggest. We are saying this because it comes with every single feature that you can expect from any premium soda maker. Yeah, we know that this one is also a bit expensive, soda-maker, but it can also provide you with more value than its price point.

Now let’s take a look at the features and other essential things about this soda maker. So, first of all, the manufacturers have provided the mini carbonate cartridge out of the box. Other than this, you will get a BPA free premium type of bottles as well. You can use this bottle as many times as you want.

Top Features:

  • The build quality that you are getting at this price point is easily competing with the premium soda makers.
  • Here you will get the cartridge that is easily able to produce or carbonate up to 60 liters of water without providing any issues.

8. Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker

Best Soda Maker

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It is very understandable that most of the people don’t want to invest a higher amount of money just to get or bring a single kitchen tool or appliance. If you are also a person who wants to buy the home beverage maker by staying in your budget, in this situation, we want you just to take a look at this home soda maker of this list. So, on the eighth spot of this post, we want to put the Flavorstation Home Beverage Maker in front of all the readers of this post.

Do not try to judge this budget-friendly home soda maker only with its price. We are damn sure that after taking a look at the features of this soda maker, you will going to love this machine. In one line, we want to tell you that this maker is able to provide all the essential features that you can get in good quality or premium type of soda maker.

Top Features:

  • The design part is pretty simple, where you just have to attach the water bottle with the soda maker to pressurize that water with CO2.
  • In the overall build of this maker, you will get the mix of metal plus good and reliable plastic material for robust build quality.

9. Hamilton Beach Hand-held Soda Maker

Best Soda Maker

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If you are reading this post with full concentration, then you may know that previously on this list, we have added one hand-held soda maker. But if you want more variety in the portable soda makers, then just give a try to this one. Here on the ninth spot of this list, we are again with Hamilton Beach Hand-held Soda Maker, yeah you got it right this one is another portable type of soda maker.

The box has only included the pressurizing section plus the water bottle. If you want to make the soda water with the help of this maker, then you only have to follow a few steps. First, fill the water bottle that you got out of the box, then after you have to insert the small and reusable CO2 cartridge inside the pressurizing section. After all this, now shake the bottle for at least four to five minutes, then press the pressure release button to dissolve the high-pressure CO2 in the water.

Top Features:

  • Because of its very simple and compact design, you can carry this soda maker with you and whenever you want.
  • It works on the small reusable Carbonating cartridges; you can carry these cartridges in your pocket without any problem.

10. FIZZpod Soda Maker


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At last, we come up with another very versatile uses of the soda maker. So, on the tenth spot of this list, we want to introduce the FIZZpod Soda Maker to all the readers of this list. Before going forward to the features point of this carbonated water maker, we first want to talk about its price point. If you really want a value for money type of soda maker for your home, then give a try to this one. It’s because this offers great features at a very affordable price point.

The overall working mechanism of this soda maker looks very similar to the premium soda makers. We are saying this because it comes with the dedicated CO2 cartridge inserting space. Not only this, but the build quality of this sparkling water maker is exceptionally excellent.

Top Features:

  • This soda maker only works on the bigger sized (60L) capacity of carbonate cartridges, and one cartridge can easily last longer than you think.
  • At this price segment, you are getting the metallic built design, so in terms of durability, you don’t need to compromise.

How To Select A Perfect Soda Maker – Buying Guide

Here are some few points you should observe while buying a soda maker:

 Type Of Soda Makers:

Basically, in the market, there are mainly two types of soda makers present for home uses. The first one is the standard type of soda makers, but another type is the hand-held soda makers. In our opinion, both types of carbonated water makers are good for home use. But there is a huge difference present in the price point of these options.

Where you can easily carry the hand-held maker with you, the ordinary soda makers don’t support this feature. If you want to buy a fully functional type of sparkling water maker for your home, then in our view, you should always buy the normal soda makers only. But if you feel that you have to carry the soda can’s with you while going somewhere, then the hand-held soda makers can be a perfect replacement.


Cartridges are very important things or parts of the soda makers. There is no use of a soda/sparkling water maker without the carbonate cartridges. In the market, you will find out that cartridges also come in two different options. The first cartridges that you can use with the standard soda makers. And another type of soda cartridge is the reusable and portable ones.

Some companies also run the campaign to refill the used cans of CO2; this is how you can save a lot of money by refilling the soda maker’s cartridges. It is a money-saving process because cartridges are the only expense that you have to spend money on after purchasing the soda maker.

 Additional Accessories:

If you want to buy the best type of soda maker, then do make sure to look at what the accessories that a particular company is offering to you. Here we are talking about additional accessories such as a BPA free bottle, extra fruit extract bottles, and other attachments. If your desired sparkling water maker is offering all these accessories, then it seems great value for money deal for you. We are focusing on this point more because additional accessories are the way to enhance the overall experience with any kitchen appliance.

Thankfully, in this post, we have added all the options that offering some or a lot of useful accessories out of the box. So, if you are looking for the best-carbonated water maker, then go through all the options of this list, and you will come to know which one is a perfect fit for you.

 Build Quality:

It is obvious that if you are looking for the best soda maker, then definitely you also want a sturdy build quality of the machine. Right? So, the build quality mainly depends on the material that the manufacturing company has provided. There are mostly two types of materials you can find in the soda makers. Some options are offering stainless steel material, where some others are offering good plastic material. But remember that if you want to buy the stainless steel built soda maker, you have to spend a bit extra money on that particular maker compared to the plastic built ones.


The price point of a soda maker is the most important point that every buyer has to deal with. If you have enough budget to spend on a premium kitchen appliance, then definitely go with the most premium and useful soda makers. But if you are dealing with the strict budget, then you can’t buy a premium carbonated water maker. Thankfully, this is not going to happen with you; it’s because here on this list, we have added several options at different price points. If you are looking for the best soda maker under your budget, then make sure to scroll and go through each section of this post.

Soda Maker Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I use a soda maker appropriately?

First, you need to pour your desired drink into the bottle. Make sure to attach the lid and attach it to the soda maker. Now, you need to press the carbonation button. Make sure to check the amount of carbonation you need and release it accordingly. Finish it off by pressing the pressure release button to remove extra CO2.

  1. Is there something wrong with the habit of drinking soda regularly?

No, you should strictly avoid drinking soda every day. If you want, you can set a proper schedule in week for consuming it. Overconsumption can lead to obesity, gastric problems, dental problems, and many other systemic health diseases.

  1. How much does a good quality soda maker cost?

You will get a decent quality soda maker in a price range of $75 to $250. However, make sure to look for things like material, durability, functioning, and warranty before going for high range products.

  1. How does a soda maker creates sparkling water?

You need to understand the fundamentals of a soda maker. It has a replaceable cartridge that infuses carbon dioxide in the plain water. It helps in the formation of sparkling and fizzy water.

  1. How should I clean my soda maker machine?

You should clean the soda maker with the help of a soft sponge or a cloth.  Gently cleanse the surface of the soda maker by dipping the sponge in water and dishwashing soap. It is the best cleaning method for a soda making machine. Do not use a scrubbing or scorching pad to rub it aggressively.

  1. Is it possible to re frizz the drink that is plain again?

Yes, you can readily re fizz the sparkling water until it reaches the fill line mark present in the carbonating bottle. However, if the flavored drink is already prepared, you cannot help it.

  1. How to know that the CO2 cylinder needs to be refilled?

The people who often use the soda maker machine can readily catch it at once. However, if you are a beginner user, you can identify it by the non-functioning of the carbonation button. You will not be able to feel the escaping of any gas when you press the button. Therefore, always keep an extra cylinder; you never know when you need one.

  1. The carbonating button of the soda maker is not functioning. What to do next?

Yes, it is the best indicator that the carbon dioxide is no more present in it. You can go to the nearby store and get it filled up again.

  1. Do the soda maker machine comes with a warranty?

Yes, different brands will offer variable warranty. You can explore and compare manufacturers to get the best product.

  1. Is it possible to carbonate cold drinks other than plain water?

Yes, you can carbonate flavored drinks in the soda maker too. You can readily make a healthy and tasty combination of sparkling water from your favorite fruit juice.


We know that so many people are searching for the best recommendations related to best soda makers. If you are also feeling exhausted, but still unable to find valuable suggestions related to this topic, then this post was all about you. Here on this post, we have added ten best soda makers after looking at and neglecting hundreds of options.

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