10 Best Pizza Stone 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

Imagine you have decided to make a pizza at home, and you also spent hours getting everything ready. You prepared the dough and set it for hours, then you prepared and put together all the toppings. And finally, you baked pizza in your home oven, but you got an unevenly cooked pizza as a result. If you have tried to make a homemade pizza, then it might be possible that this happened to you. Right? But you forgot about one thing that matters a lot while making a tasty and good crust of pizza at home. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about a dedicated pizza stone. Here is a detailed review on Best Pizza Stone 2020.

Most of the people prefer to use the baking sheet or baking pans to bake the pizza in their standard oven. But believe us, in this way you can’t make a tasty pizza with a good crust at your home. Basically, a pizza stone provides an initial temperature boost to the uncooked pizza, and in the end, you get the crispy crust at the top. A pizza stone can hold and maintain a higher but even temperature in the oven. It is the main reason why using a baking sheet, or baking pan can’t work effectively, especially in the case when you are baking a pizza. Now, if you have decided to buy a perfect pizza stone for your kitchen, then wait for a lot more that you need to know. In the market, there are too many types of pizza stones present, and if you are a consumer who is looking for the best one, then it might sound a bit confusing. For this, keep reading out this report, where we have picked ten best pizza stone of 2020.

Best Buy Pizza Stone Reviews 2020

1. Old Pizza Stone By Honey-Can-Do

Best Pizza Stone

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We are starting this post with the most popular pizza stone in the market right now. This old pizza stone by Honey-Can-Do is gaining lots of popularity in the market because of its traditional looking design. In terms of making pizza at home, most of the people prefer to give their pizza a traditional touch. Other than the recipe part, the backing of the pizza is the most important thing where you can use some traditional things to make it more tasty and crusty from the top. According to the manufacturing company, the core material of this pizza stone is the blend of lead-free clay. Which simply means that it will perform very differently as compared to the ceramic pizza stones.

The company also clarified that it could easily handle up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This temperature point indicates that you can easily use this stone with any conventional home oven, even you can use it with the grill or direct campfire as well. Using this stone on a regular basis, users have claimed that this stone is able to provide the golden crust on the pizza as it is cooked in a traditional old-style oven.

Top Features:

  • The diameter of this stone is nearly 16 inches which can easily fit in a normal oven, and it allows you to prepare or bake a normal size pizza.
  • Its surface has a bit of a unique texture because of the clay material, but it is still smooth enough to not cause any stickiness.

2. Unicook Ceramic Pizza Stone

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Unicook is also providing the most value for money pizza stones to its customers. If you want a very reliable type of pizza stone with a traditional look, then do make sure to check out this option. According to Unicook, they have used the Cordierite stone as the primary construction material for this pizza stone. Talking about Cordierite stone’s some advanced features, then firstly, we want to tell you about its heat retention properties. Many experts and professional chefs say that the cordierite stone can easily handle the temperature of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only this, but it also doesn’t produce any kind of odor during cooking or even after cooking.

This pizza stone comes in a squarish shape, which means you can easily fit it in the normal home ovens without any problem. Talking about the exact measures, then here you are getting the 14.9 inches by 11.8 inches of the pizza stone. If you have used any pizza stone before, you may know that the thickness of a stone also matters a lot while baking pizza. So, here the Unicook manufacturing company focused on the pizza stone’s thickness as well. And as a result, they have provided the 16mm thickness of pizza stone with a weight of nearly 6.6lbs.

Top Features:

  • The manufacturers have provided a pizza dough scraper out of the box to offer more value to the customers.
  • You can use it for various purposes such as bread baking, grilling, pizza baking, etc.

3. ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone

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It is obvious that you are reading this post because you want to enjoy a pizzeria style pizza at home. Right? If you want to organize a shot gathering or pizza party at your home, then this pizza stone can help you a lot while baking a golden crust of the beautiful but tasty pizza. In short, you can dazzle your family members or friends by serving your own made delicious pizza in front of them. Here on the third spot of this list, we have added the pizza stone from a well-known brand ROCKSHEAT. And if you are looking for the most convenient type of pizza stone then its a guarantee that you won’t be going to find a better pizza stone then this one.

Now let’s take a look at some specifications of this pizza stone, so firstly let’s talk about the shape and size portion. So, here you are getting a square shape of pizza stone with a 12 inches size by 12 inches. In our view, the size of this stone seems perfect for using with the standard home ovens. Other than this here, the company has also provided 0.6 inches of ideal thickness for an excellent performance.

Top Features:

  • There are some slots present on both the upper and downside of this pizza stone to help you hold it correctly.
  • You don’t need to mess up with the cleaning process, instead just wash it with water and gentle scrubbing.

4. Pizzacraft ThermaBond Pizza Stone

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Pizzacraft is offering some very tough built pizza stones at a very aggressive price point. If you are looking for a pizza stone that can offer you baking or cooking on the grills or BBQ as well, then this is the one that you were looking for. This thing is possible with this pizza stone because here you are getting the Thermabond material as a core material. For more clarification, we want to tell you that this Thermabond material can easily handle higher grill and oven temperatures without getting cracked.

The other important thing is that the core material of this pizza stone is completely free from any chemicals; in short, you will get natural material of pizza stone without any odor. Now let’s talk about some other important section of this pizza stone, so firstly, it is 15 inches by 15 inches of stone/baking surface. The thickness of this ThermaBond stone is also pretty impressive because it comes with an overall thickness of 0.59 inches.

Top Features:

  • The ideal core material can absorb the heat and conduct it evenly for good plus golden crust of the pizza.
  • It doesn’t require any seasoning or conditioning after each use, just wash and after dry out, you can easily store it in your kitchen.

5. Pizza Stone By SOLIDO

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Solido rectangular pizza stone is another great competitor in this particular field. If you are ready to invest a bit of a higher amount of money to buy a premium pizza stone for your kitchen, then you can try out this one. We have decided on the fifth spot of this list to introduce the Pizza Stone By SOLIDO to all the readers of this list.  It’s premium plus expensive but believe it or not, in front of its incredible and valuable features, the price will just fade away.

After taking a first glance at this pizza stone, you will come to know that it comes in the rectangular shape with a size of 14 inches by 16 inches. In our opinion, this type of shape and size can easily be perfect for most of the conventional home ovens. But there is still something very interesting that comes with this premium pizza stone. Here we are trying to address the unique spiral core design. Basically, this spiral core design works to enhance the conductivity of heat.

Top Features:

  • Because of its unique core design approach, you can easily use it with BBQ, regular ovens, and grills as well.
  • The surface is pretty smooth of this pizza stone, which means you don’t have to do the seasoning or conditioning of this stone after each use.

6. Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone

Best Pizza Stone

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Now, this post is slightly going forward to the other advanced features of the pizza stones. After showing some ordinary pizza stones, now we have decided to put a great example of sophisticated pizza stones on the sixth spot of this list. So, here we have the Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone on the next spot of this list. The Weber brand is a bit famous because of their pizza stone making technologies. The Weber company has tried a totally different approach by adding some additional features in its best-selling pizza stone.

We found it a great thing that the company has offered Cordierite stone’s premium quality to build this pizza stone. The manufacturers preferred to keep it in the round-shaped design, which will help users to bake the pizza in a perfectly round shape. The extra attachment of carry racks making this pizza stone easy to hold and shift from one place to another. Don’t worry, you won’t face any problems while holding this stone in your hands because it comes in a lightweight design.

Top Features:

  • Other than making it compatible with ovens only, then manufacturers also focused on making it work perfectly with grills as well by adding the Gourmet BBQ System.
  • The surface is smooth, easily allowing the pizza to slide after baking; this actually helps in the serving part.

7. Pizza Stone By Culinary Couture

Best Pizza Stone

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As we mentioned earlier, the initial boost of the temperature is pretty important for getting the perfect golden crust at the top of your homemade pizza. We have decided to provide a bit of versatility in the good pizza stone section after keeping this in mind. So, on the seventh spot of this list, we have decided to include the Pizza Stone By Culinary Couture. We know that some people prefer to bake the pizza on the BBQ and some prefer the normal ovens. It was the main reason why we have decided to put an incredible pizza stone option that supports both grilling and oven baking.

Cordierite stone is providing the extra sturdiness to the overall pizza stone. The Culinary Couture company also mentioned that this pizza stone could easily handle high temperatures without cracking because of this natural and sturdy material. If you have decided to go with this option, then there is another exciting thing that will come with it for every user. Actually, the Culinary Couture company has offered a Free E-book which has more than 45 pizza recipes.

Top Features:

  • To get more out of this pizza stone, just keep it at least 10 minutes for preheating, then you will get an evenly cooked bottom part as well as golden crust at the top.
  • The thickness part is quite considerable because it comes with a good thickness that makes it a more heat conductive kind of pizza stone.

8. CastElegance Pizza Stone

Best Pizza Stone

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This thermite built pizza stone from CastElegance manufacturers is a premium type of product in this list. If you are reading this post with full concentration, you may know that we haven’t added any Thermite material of pizza stone until yet. But because the thermite is another material that can offer more value as compared to the normal ceramic built pizza stones. If you have used the thermite material of pizza stone before then, you may know that the thermite can absorb more moisture from raw pizza dough. The main reason behind the higher absorbancy of thermite is its porous design.

Remember that this porous design is viable on the microscopic level, and you can’t even notice this porous design with just by looking at its surface. However, you still can expect a very smooth surface from this particular pizza stone. Another incredible specialty that the thermite material has, and that is the insane amount of heat handling. Heat handling is an important feature that allows you to use this pizza stone for both grilling and oven baking purposes.

Top Features:

  • The box has included 14 inches by 16 inches of thermite pizza stone plus four inches by five inches of a dough scraper.
  • Because of the natural materials, it won’t be going to smell after each use.

9. Breville BOV800PS13 Pizza Stone

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Before going forward with any option related to the pizza stone, it should be necessary for you to take a look at the compatibility portion of a particular product. We are focusing on this point because it matters a lot while baking the pizza at home. Where some people are demanding that they want to buy a pizza stone with the standard wall oven, and some have the demands related to baking the pizza inside a normal conventional oven. In this case, we especially want to recommend all the readers of this post that take a look at this ninth spot of option. On this ninth spot, we have added the Breville BOV800PS13 Pizza Stone.

The compatibility section of this stone is the most liked thing among all the users who purchased it recently. From compatibility here we mean that you can easily use it with regular oven, wall-based ovens, and even grills.

Top Features:

  • You won’t get the complaint about the heat distribution factor of this pizza stone because it can spread heat evenly across the surface.
  • The size is a bit small that can easily fit in any standard home oven.

10. Rosle USA 25074 Pizza Stone

Best Pizza Stone

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If you liked the sixth spot of the pizza stone, then we are damn sure that this is going to be another option on your favorite list. So, on the last spot of this list, we have decided to put the Rosle USA 25074 Pizza Stone in front of all the readers of this post. The material that comes with this pizza stone is famous as Fireclay. Basically, this is another mixed type of clay that offers great heat conductivity.

Because of the clay material, it can easily hold the temperature for a long time. This feature will help you in the process of preheating before starting the baking process of pizza. Like the sixth spot of the pizza stone, here also you will find out the holding attachments. It merely means you can easily move this pizza stone from one place to another by lowering the risk of cracking.

Top Features:

  • The clay material is making this pizza stone perfect for outdoor grilling tasks.
  • Because of its sturdy built of Fireclay, there are very low chances that it will crack after a few normal shocks.

How To Choose The Best Pizza Stone For Home Use

Are you still feeling confused between two or more options for pizza stones? If yes then keep reading this post because to resolve your confusion, we have decided to list an in-detailed buying guide on this topic. Here we are going to talk about some very important and considerable points about pizza stones that you should always consider before making a purchase.

Types of Material:

In terms of the material section, there are too many varieties present in the market related to pizza stones. These varieties are enough to confuse any normal buyer who does not have enough information about the material types and their advantages plus disadvantages. Now let’s make it simple for each reader of this. So, if you are buying a pizza stone for regular uses where you don’t want to bake on the higher temperatures, you can go with the ceramic material, and the clay material can be an option.

Instead, if you want to use a pizza stone for grilling, BBQ, or any other outdoor baking/cooking, it will be right for you to choose a material that can handle direct fire’s heat. In our suggestion, you should try out the cordierite stone material instead of the normal ceramic. We are saying this because cordierite stone offers more sturdiness as well as it can handle way more high temperatures than any other material. Still, the choice is yours, just take a look at your requirements and then choose a pizza stone accordingly. 

Shape And Size:

If you are an average user who doesn’t want to make a bigger size, then it will be good for you to choose a small-sized pizza stone. If you want to make homemade pizza for more than three people, it would be best for you if you go with a pizza stone at least 14 inches by 16 inches.

Talking about the shape, then we want to say that it completely depends upon your preferences. Basically, the shape of a pizza stone doesn’t affect the way it bakes the pizza. Instead, it is all about the perfect fit according to the oven size.   

Surface Texture:

If you are reading this post from the start, then you may know that different pizza stones offering a different kind of surface. Basically, the surface plays a significant role in making the pizza’s bottom part crispy and well cooked. In our vision, you should choose a pizza stone with a bit of porous texture because the porous surface can easily absorb the moisture from pizza dough. Ultimately, the surface can affect the way the pizza looks and tastes. 


The thickness of a pizza stone actually plays a significant role in the heat concussion. If you are going with a stone that offers very minimal thickness, believe it or not, you won’t be going to get even and longer heat conductivity. In our opinion, you should always go with pizza stone options that at least offering 0.5 inches of overall thickness. 

Pizza Stone Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a pizza stone as a baking stone too?

Yes, you can use a pizza stone as a baking stone as well. The porous nature of these stones enhances the moisture absorption to give a delicious taste to the dishes. However, to use a pizza stone as a baking stone, you need to take care of some specific points.

  1. How does a pizza stone enhance the taste of pizza?

Yes, no one likes to have a soggy pizza dish. People prefer a perfectly baked pizza to be crusty and cheesy at the same time. You will notice a change in the taste, texture, and flavor of the homemade pizza.

  1. Are the pizza stones available in the market safe for health?

Yes, we recommend you to go for good quality pizza stones. These are made from food-grade material and are approved by the FDA too.

  1. How much heat can an ideal pizza stone tolerate?

Ideally, you should preheat the pizza stone for 15 to30 minutes. Wait for it to attain a temperature of about 500 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to avoid going above the recommended temperature. It makes the stone more prone to fracture and breaks.

  1. How to pick the suitable size of the pizza stone?

It depends on the size of your oven or stove. Also, make sure to pick a thicker stone for better crusting.

  1. Is cleaning of these stones tough and time taking?

Make sure to bring down the stone to cooler temperature before starting to clean. You can use the spatula as a scraper to remove the leftovers like cheese and bread crumbs. Use a cloth and wipe off any other dirt with warm water. Allow it to air dry and store.

  1. My pizza stones have developed stains. How can I get rid of it?

You can try making a paste of water and baking soda. Scrub it all over the stains. Allow the paste to stay for a few minutes and clean in the usual way.

  1. Do the pizza stones are more prone to breakage?

Yes, pizza stones are fragile and can break in higher temperatures. Therefore, make sure to handle it with care. Always preheat for decreasing the incidence of breakage.

  1. What is the material used in making the pizza stones?

Clay, cordierite, and ceramic are the materials used to make a pizza stone. The cordierite is highly heat resistant and more durable. The clay material provides a better crust to the pizza.

  1. Can I use the pizza stone from both sides?

You can switch sides of the pizza stone to use it. However, some stones have a brand logo on one side. Skip this side and use the opposite side in such a case.

  1. Is oiling the pizza stone a necessary step? How does it help?

No, avoid oiling the pizza stone. It can disturb the texture of the stone and taste of the pizza too.

  1. What are the things to avoid while using a pizza stone?
  • Don’t use soaps.
  • Don’t put it in the dishwasher.
  • Don’t oil the pizza stone.
  • Don’t use it without preheating.
  • Don’t try to clean it frequently.


We can understand how hard it is to choose the best pizza stones out of hundreds of different varieties. If you are an average user who doesn’t know anything about pizza stones but still wants to buy, this may sound very confusing. To resolve all of your confusion related to this particular topic, we have picked and listed ten best pizza stones of 2020 after neglecting many options to offer something better to you.

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