10 Best Cookie Scoop 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

At the starting of this post, let us ask you a choice related question. So, the question is that if anyone tells you to make a list of your favorite food items, then what are you going to add to that list? We are damn sure that most of you are not going to ignore a very special thing that every age group of people like the most. Yes, you got it right, here we are talking about the cookies. Many people share their experiences or stories of how much they miss the time when their grandmother served them cookies during childhood. Here is a detailed review of Best Cookie Scoop 2020.

But if you want to make your grandmother’s secret recipe of cookies at home, then this post will help you a lot. Yes, we know that it is tough for a person who is not used to making cookies at home—especially the part when you have to make the round shapes of cookies by cookie dough. But if you are a reader of this post, then this is not going to happen with you. It’s only because here in this post, we have picked ten best cookie scoops of 2020. Yes, cookie scoops are the perfect options to make the round shapes of delicious looking cookies. We are bringing this post because we know how unusual this looks when you see different sizes and shapes of cookies on your plate. So, if you are a consumer who doesn’t want it like most of the people, then do make sure to check out our report on ten best cookie scoops.

Best Buy Cookie Scoop Reviews [Year]

1. OXO Cookie Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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Starting with the first spot of the cookie scoop, then we want to put the OXO Best Cookie Scoop in front of you. It is the most popular type of scoop in the market right now, so if you want a highly durable, good quality of scoop for making cookies, then make sure to check out this one first. If you want to know how widespread this cookie scoop is from OXO in the market, then just take a look at the higher ratings that many buyers or users have provided to it. We mean, its ratings are just fantastic, over three thousand people gave up to four to four point five stars of ratings to it.

First of all, it is a medium size of scoop, but if you realize that you need a smaller or even bigger size of scoop, then don’t worry about it. We are saying this because other than the medium size option, the manufacturers of this scoop also listed it with the smaller and larger size variants.

Top Features:

  • Because of the high-quality stainless steel material of this cookie scoop, you can use it for a very long lifespan.
  • For the firm but comfortable grip, the company has provided the plastic-covered handle on this scoop.
  • The overall weight of this tool is not that heavy; it means you can use it without having any wrist pain issues.

2. Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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Again we have another very popular type of scoop for cookies on the second spot of this list. So, at this spot, we want to introduce the Norpro Stainless Steel Scoop to you. If you are running out of budget or you don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to buy a single cookie scoop, then don’t worry about it. We are saying this with confidence because here, we have a low budget option with the higher specifications. Bud doesn’t think that it is not going to provide you the premium type of features because of its lower price point. No, this is not the case with this stainless steel scoop.

Over two thousand people rated it with higher ratings on online stores because of its usefulness. There are only a few differences present between this scoop and the previous spot of the scoop option. The first and noticeable difference is the handle cover; yes, if you are going with this second spot of the scoop, then you won’t get any handle cover. But still, you will be able to get a firm grip because of the slightly rough surface of the handle part.

Top Features:

  • If you want maximum durability of the scoop, then this stainless steel built cookie scoop seems perfect according to your uses.
  • It’s the 39MM size of the version here, but there are up to five size variants have listed by the manufacturers.
  • You can buy this cookie scoop at a slightly lower price.

3. Solula Stainless Steel Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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And if you are looking for versatile use of scoop, then you may try this one first. Here we have listed the Solula Stainless Steel Scoop for various purposes. The manufacturers of this particular stainless steel of scoop that you can use it for making cookies, serving ice cream, etc. The versatility of this scoop is the only main reason why so many people prefer to use this type of scoops for their kitchen tasks. Not only this, but many ice cream sellers also use this scoop to serve a proper amount of ice cream to their customers.

Talking about what you can expect from this scoop, then we want to start first with the design section. The design is not that different from other options that you can look for in the market. But still, this scoop works perfectly and smoothly. You may have noticed the jamming problem with the standard type of scoops, but thankfully here you won’t going to get that type of issue.

Top Features:

  • The company has mentioned the size with the help of hashtags that will let you know about different sizes.
  • Fully functional stainless steel design is highly durable, even for daily uses. So, in our opinion, this seems the perfect option for ice-cream sellers.
  • Overall weight is very less as compared to other scoops, that will give you rest to your wrist while making cookies.

4. Jenaluca Cookie Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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On the fourth spot of this list, we have a set of three cookie scoops. This time here, we want to introduce the Jenaluca Cookie Scoops. If you want to gift a thing with full usefulness to someone, then in our view, you should gift this set of three cookie scoops. The one thing that we let you know that over seven hundred people gave this set full five-star ratings on the online stores. According to the price point, you are getting three full-fledged cookie scoops out of the box. In our suggestion, this seems a perfect deal for every person who wants to buy the scoop tool to make cookies at home.

The pack has included the three different sizes of cookie scoops; they are in order like small, medium, and big. Where you can use the medium and big size of scoops for your own uses, but if you want to influence your child to make some delicious recipes, then you should give the smaller variant to your children.

Top Features:

  • The company says that these scoops are going to “Last Longer Than You Think.”
  • DIfferent size option makes it easy for you to choose a perfect one according to your kitchen tasks.
  • The stainless steel of higher durability material seems perfect for better reliability.

5. Cookie Scoop By AngJi

Best Cookie Scoop

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We can understand if you can’t invest a higher amount of money to buy a single kitchen too. If you are feeling the same, then here we have something special for you at the next spot on this list. Now set your mood, and let’s take a look at the fifth spot of the cookie scoop, so here we have added the Cookie Scoop By AngJi. At first glance, this scoops a bit expensive, but believe us; this won’t going to cost you that much high. Still, this option of cookie scoop can fulfill all your requirements that you can expect from a premium one.

If you are still feeling some confusion, then let’s give a chance to resolve that confusion. Now let’s start with the build or construction material of this scoop. Yeah, we know that it is a budget segment of the scoop option, but the manufacturer has provided the premium stainless steel material for extended use. Other than this, you will get everything that you want in a good scoop for cookies.

Top Features:

  • Its multi-purpose use of a cookie scoop, so you can use it as an ice cream serving scoop or as a proper cookie scoop.
  • The shiny surface of this scoop providing premium look to it; that’s why you can consider it as a premium type of scoop.

6. FanHomcy Cookie Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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Did you like the previous budget segment of scoop tools? If yes, then we are sure that you are going to be like this one as well. So, on the sixth spot of this list, we are feeling glad to introduce the FanHomcy Cookie Scoop. Before going forward to the other specification, we want to let you know that this one is another pretty friendly with your budget if you are on a low budget. But don’t judge this cookie scoop with its lower price segment, it’s because it offers a lot more than its price.

First of all, you will get the stainless steel build body, not the parts, but the whole body is build-up with stainless steel construction. However, the weight of this scoop is also very lightweight; this means you are not going to find it too heavy to hold for a long time uses. If you are on a strict budget, then in our opinion this seems an excellent deal for you.

Top Features:

  • You can use this multi-purpose uses of the scoop for tasks such as cookie making, ice cream serving, fruit scooping, etc.
  • Each part of this scoop is present hardly/firmly on its position, which means they won’t going to lose by the time.
  • There is enough space present, even after pressing both sides of the scoop, that helps you to protect your fingers.

7. Wilton Small Cookie Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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Do you want to know what we have added on the seventh spot of this list? So, on the seventh spot of this list, we want to introduce the Wilton Small Cookie Scoop to you. Again this one is another excellent example of the budget range of kitchen tools. It’s a guarantee that this small cookie scoop from Wilton will be going to offer great specifications at this particular price point. Not only this, but if the manufacturer called Wilton says that you can use it for various kitchen purposes too.

Other than the cookie making tasks, you can also use it for cupcakes making, ice cream serving, fruit piece taking, etc. Even if you are making a proper cake at your home, then also this scoop can help you to cut some icings in the rounded shapes for decoration purposes. The design of this cookie scoop seems exactly the same as the other scoops of this list, but there is some difference present in the spring mechanism. It’s because it comes with a higher tension of spring that provides you great scooping experience.

 Top Features:

  • The handles part is a bit different from other scops of this list; here, you will get a bit broader handles for better grip.
  • The only reason present behind its long-lasting performance and is the stainless steel construction of the body.
  • The upper part has a smooth surface inside that allows you to release the cookie dough easily.

8. Mifengda Cookie Scoops

Best Cookie Scoop

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Are you seeking for a different design of cookie scoops with the easy to use features? If yes, then do make sure to check out this pack of three scoops. On the eighth spot of this list, we have listed the pack of mifengda Cookie Scoops. Like we mentioned earlier that here you would get three different sizes of scoops inside the box, not only this, but there is another difference present between all of the scoops of this pack. Here we are trying to address the color difference of the handle part. Other than this, you won’t be going to find any other differences between these scoops.

Talking about the design section, then you will find that the working process of these scoops is very different from other scoops of this list. Where in other standard types of tools, you need to press both handlebars to take a chunk from cookie dough. But there is no such case with these scoops; here you can directly take a chunk of cookie dough and form releasing you will get a part on the one side of the scoop.

Top Features:

  • The unique design of these three scoops is differentiating them from the other scoops of this list.
  • This type of scoops is very easy to use; even your children can master it after some use.

9. Fox Run 5355 Cookie Dough Scoop

Best Cookie Scoop

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Yeah, we know that again this one seems similar to the other option of this list. But if you are dealing with a lower budget, then you should need to know about this dough. First of all, as we mentioned that to buy this scoop option, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on it. Even a person with half a budget of a premium cookie scoop also can buy it without any problem. But there is something very interesting present that we liked most about this option. We are talking about a little tilt present in the overall design.

This tilt is helpful for you while using this scoop for making rounded shapes for cookies. Actually, this tilt helps you to easily cut a chunk from the dough without messing with the sticky dough.

Top Features:

  • Highly durable stainless steel construction is the main highlight of this low budget segment of dough scoop.
  • Seven different size options present that you can choose according to your needs.
  • The handles have a bit of curvature that will help you to hold this tool for a long time with full comfort.

10. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Cookie Scoops

Best Cookie Scoop

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If you are primarily looking for scoops that don’t feel heavy while using them, if yes, then here we have some lightweight options for you on the tenth spot of this list. We know that sometimes it happens that many people feel pain in their wrist while cooking something with heavy tools. To reduce the wrist pain risk while making cookies at home, we came with this option for you.

All the parts that present in these tools are very lightweight plus thin in the overall width. That simply impacts the overall weight of the tool. This is why the company did this to maintain a proper but lightweight of this tool.

Top Features:

  • The parts are thin for lower weight, but still, you can expect higher durability from this cookie scoop option.
  • Because of the metallic build, you can use it for a longer lifespan, even after regular uses.
  • Different variants of this lightweight scoop present according to the capacity too.

How To Choose A Best Cookie Scoop – Buying Guide

Do you want to know which are the essential points that everyone should need to consider before buying cookie scoops? If yes, then make sure to check out all the points that we have listed below for all the readers of this post.

Tool Length:

Most of the time, people usually ignore the length point of a scoop. But we want to tell you that this is also a very important point while choosing a perfect cookie scoop. In the market, you won’t get too many varieties in length- section of scops, but still, it is important. It’s only because when you use a scoop on a regular basis, then this point affects the most in the user experience.

But we want to suggest that while choosing a cookie scoop for your kitchen uses, then make sure to choose a bit longer scoop option. We are saying this because it is how you will get the more extended type of handles. Not only this, but also you need to put minimal effort while pressing both handles of the scoop.


Usually, you won’t get too many variations in the material section. But still, you will find out that many companies are offering different types of materials in their scoop products. It is an essential point to focus on because it also has a strong connection with food contamination. Mainly, you will get all the scoop options with the stainless steel construction material, and these options will offer you a completely chemical-free build.

So, while choosing from different types of metal material of a cookie scoop, always make sure to go with the stainless steel built ones.


We have listed the weight point here because it also plays a significant role in improving the overall experience with the scoop. Where the heavy and bulky type of cookie scoops can be hard to hold, and sometimes these hefty scoops can cause wrist pain. This is why we are suggesting you choose a lightweight option to avoid wrist pain and other issues.


If you are a reader of this post, then this point doesn’t apply to you. But if you are directly reading from the buying guide section, then we only want to suggest you start reading with the staring of this post. It’s because there are many cookie scoops we have listed on this list, that you can choose according to your budget without any problem.

Cookie Scoop Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a cookie scoop necessary to bake cookies?

You can prefer to bake cookies without using cookie scoops too. However, if you are a perfectionist, we recommend you to use the cookie scoops. You will never return to making cookies without a scoop. A cookie scoop helps in giving a perfect shape, texture, and even baking of the cookies.

  1. How do I consider the accurate size of the cookie scoop?

We generally measure the size of the scoop by the amount of dough in ounces or measurement of cookie size. The size ranges from #6 to #100. The smallest size can hold 0.32 ounces, and the largest once can accommodate 5.33 ounces.

  1. Can I use the cookie scoops for other purposes as well?

A cookie scoop isn’t just a cookie scoop; you can use it for various other purposes. You can use it for making cookies, muffins, transferring cake batter, truffles, meatballs, pancakes, cheese balls, and biscuits too.

  1. What size is ideal for baking cupcakes?

The ideal cupcake cookie scoop sizes may vary from person to person. However, a standard cupcake can be made from scoop size #20. You can also go for sizes up or down according to your preference. The size 20 represents 3 tablespoons of the batter.

  1. What are the factors contributing to the decreased efficacy of my cookie scoop?

A cookie scoop can become less effective with time by any of these causes:

  • You often drop it while baking.
  • You do not clean it regularly.
  • The consistency of the dough is excessively hard.
  • Putting it in the dishwasher.
  1. How to select a perfect cookie scoop?

You need to take care of a few points before buying a cookie scoop. People who are beginners do not have much idea about it. Here are some points that might help you.

  • Pick an accurate size.
  • Look for a food-grade material.
  • Go for ergonomic build and design.
  • Make sure to check the grip.
  • Look for the one which is dishwasher safe.
  1. Are the cookie scoops BPA free?

You need to be picky while shopping for a cookie scoop. Make sure to choose a renowned brand to get a BPA free and non-toxic cookie scoop material. It assures your health and well being.

  1. What are the methods to clean a cookie scoop?

Use warm water and dishwashing soap to cleanse and scrub the cookie scoop. You can also put it in the dishwasher after cleaning. Make sure to check whether it is dishwasher safe or not.

  1. Can I use a cookie scoop and ice cream scoop interchangeably?

Yes, you can use both the ice cream and cookie scoops interchangeably. However, make sure to look at the quantity you want. If you want to be precise, go for separate scoops.

  1. Are the cookie scoops slippery and tricky to squeeze?

No, a cookie scoop with a good grip will not be slippery. Picking a decent quality cookie scoop won’t give you any such problem.


Do you feel surrounded by lots of confusion while choosing the best cookie scoop? If yes, then don’t worry because you are not alone, there are many people who have the same type of problem to buy a perfect scoop for cookie making. So, to resolve this kind of problem, we decided to put ten best cookie scoop of 2020 in front of all the readers of this post.

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