10 Best Burger Presses 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

For making a good burger, you must put all the hard work into cooking a good patty. After all, the patty is where all the flavors of the burger are. Anyone can grill burger buns, but it takes a lot of practice to make a burger patty that tastes good. Additionally, it is not just the taste of the patty that matters. Your burger patty must also have the most fantastic consistency so that it does not crumble as soon as you put it between the buns.

Other than that, the burger patty must have a perfect size as well so that you can taste it in every bite of the burger that you take. Creating regular patties is something that you will learn over time. It is making the stuffed patties that are actually pretty difficult. If you are tired of messing up your burger patties, you can think of buying a burger press. In tools like burger presses, you are just supposed to add the ingredients in the mold and voila! The patty will come out in the best shape and size.

In many of the sets of burger presses, you can also get molds of different sizes. This way, you will be able to make different burgers. A burger press will add to your burger’s presentation and surely make it look nothing less than a gourmet dish. Hence, today we have reports and reviews of the best burger presses for all the consumers across the USA. All these burger presses are quite affordable yet do not lack when it comes to their quality. Let us discuss these ten fantastic burger presses below –

1: Cuisinart CSBP-100 Burger Press

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For having a perfect balance in your burgers’ stuffing, this is the burger press that you must put your money on. The base can be filled with 3 ounces of minced hamburger meat. As you press the meat, you will create an indentation that looks like a bowl. You can now fill your favorite ingredients like onions, tomatoes, crumbled bacon, cheese, and pepper. You can also be creative with what you want to add. To cover it all, you can add another topping of hamburger and press the burger press once more.

At this stage, many people mess up while taking the burger stuffing out. However, with this press, you are just supposed to push the base upwards. As you grill the burger, you will make it even juicier. This burger stuffing can be fit in the standard size of burger buns. If you are ever concerned about this press’s cleaning, you must know that you can do it all directly in the sink or the dishwasher. You can bring out your hamburgers’ uniqueness and let your guests enjoy the best taste sensations with this Burger Press by Cuisinart.


  • The base of this burger press can be lifted to take it out without destroying it.
  • You can use this press for making stuffed burgers as well as sliders.
  • Making Mexican and Reuben Burgers will be very easy with this tool.
  • It has a nonstick coating so that the patty does not stick on the base.


2: GWHOLE Aluminum Burger Press

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The quality of this burger press by GWHOLE is high, as it is created with food-grade aluminum material. You can fill the press’s base with meat, veggie, or fish mixture. However, please make sure that the pieces are as fine and bind together well. If they don’t, the patty will break as soon as you take it out of the press. One of the features of this burger press that we like a lot is that its top press is equipped with a handle. With its aid, you will be able to press the patty without any trouble.  

In the package, you will also get 100 units of wax papers. These papers are round and fit exceptionally well inside the base. When you place these papers there, you will see that the patty will come out in a freer manner. You can also use this press’s base along with the patty directly on the BBQ to grill it without even taking it out. Many people also heat it directly on the fire and find it extremely useful in that sense as well. For storage, you can detach the handle, which will allow you to save some space in your cabinets.


  • The handle on the top press can be horizontally fixed to press the patty without the need of a lot of force.
  • You can use this burger press directly on fire or on BBQ.
  • In the package, you will also get 100 wax papers.
  • These papers will allow the patty to never stick while you are cooking the patty directly.
  • The deepness of the base is 2 cm.


3: Weber 6483 Burger Press

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This burger press is the most fantastic press for creating flat patties for burgers at all times. You can make ¼ or ½ pound of burger patties with this press. It will also make a dimple in your patty, which will help it get cooked well when you put in on the griller. Its handle is very gripping and is made using Nylon material. When you are cleaning the press, you can choose to detach the handle as it will allow you to clean in the press deeply. This press by Weber is known across America for its durability. You will like it a lot!

If you love to have a mouthwatering burger on your plate, you need this burger press. When the patty of the burger comes out perfectly, the entire burger tastes good. If you wish, you can also add melted cheese on it. Some people even choose to add crispy tomatoes on top. For burger perfectionists, this burger press is something that will impress them a lot. Having perfectly round patties is something that many people like. After all, the presentation of the dish also matters a lot, along with its taste.


  • Its handle is made from soft and high durability Nylon.
  • For better cleaning and storage, you can remove this handle.
  • For even cooking the press will help create a dimple in the patties.
  • The diameter of this burger press’ base is 10 cm.
  • The results will always be perfectly round.


4: MiiKO Burger Press

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With this fantastic burger press, you can prepare three types of patties for three burger types. These types include burger patties, hamburger patties, and slider patties. You can choose the fillings and flavors you might want to have in your burger, which is always a good thing. After all, different people have different preferences when it comes to the taste of food. Apart from the patty maker in the deal, you will also get 20 units of free burger patty papers. These papers can be used as liners inside the base.

For avoiding fuss and mess in the kitchen, the papers are the best. The material used in making this press is high-quality plastic. It will not react with food, and it will also never break even after multiple uses. For cleaning, you can choose to put the press directly in the dishwasher. However, you must never use this burger press to directly cook the patty. Let’s not forget that you will also get an E-book in the deal. In this book, you will find 20 fantastic burger recipes that you can try for your friends and family.


  • This easy-to-use burger press is also safe for the dishwasher.
  • The molds that come in the set can be used to make the patty for three different types of burgers.
  • You will also get an E-book and wax papers in the deal.
  • The design of the press is highly modern.
  • The base’s disk is detachable for easy removal of the burger patty after you are done pressing it.


5: Meykers Burger Press

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When you get patty papers in the burger press deal, it becomes amazingly superb. Therefore, we are here with another burger press that comes with 100 units of patty papers, which you can use to line the press every time you cook patties. The product is from Meykers, and you can rely on it every time you make burgers or hamburgers. In the mold, you can put all types of meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and even lamb meat. Even when you choose to cook the patty using the base directly on the flames or BBQ, the patty still won’t break or crumble.

The patty papers will allow you to have a nonstick experience and reduce the time that you will need to clean and wash this press. Meykers also offers a satisfaction guarantee to the customers, so if you do not like this press, you can return it to the source and get a full refund. You can also carry it with you whenever you decide to go for camping or picnics. This way, you will be able to serve tasty burgers and hamburgers to your friends and family. All in all, this press will always keep you happy.


  • The handle of this press is very sturdy and does not fall off when you use the press.
  • The 100 units of patty papers that come in the deal are handy and qualitative.
  • You can use the base directly as a roast plate on flame or grillers.
  • Patties that are made in this burger press never crumble when they are taken out.


6: Amy Nonstick Burger Press

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We have a superb addition of burger press for the master griller inside you. Amy’s burger press is highly professional and will help you make round and perfect burger patties like a machine. The press will be a great companion for you in the kitchen if you occasionally choose to make burgers and hamburgers. Whether you are having cravings for a burger patty, a hamburger, or a burger with dripping cheese, you will just need this one burger press. You can also use it to make patties for sliders that you can serve as starters.

Even though the material used in making the press is plastic, you must know that it is free from BPA. Hence it will never prove to add toxins to your food in any situation. The press base can pop up so that the patty can be taken out with the utmost ease. If you do not want to create a mess in your kitchen, this is the burger press that you should think of investing in. It is also nonstick and will allow you to make patties of two sizes as the package will come with two molds of different sizes.


  • The press is made from a material that is free from BPA.
  • The patties can be removed easily as the base pops up.
  • You can make stuffed as well as regular burger patties with this press.
  • Cordon Bleu Burgers can also be made with this product.
  • The size of the patties that come out of the molds fit perfectly between regular-sized burger buns.


7: The Burger Iron Burger Press

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You won’t be getting mold or base in this deal of a burger press by The Burger Iron. However, you would still be able to make perfect patties with it. The press’s diameter is 6 inches, which is quite a regular size of standard burger patties. Its handle is well bolted in both of its horizontal sides. However, if you feel that it is getting loose, you can tighten the screws on its design very quickly. The best thing about this product is that it is made of stainless steel.

As most of you might know, stainless steel is one of the safest materials that one can use on food. It also does not rust even after multiple washes. Other than that, it is highly robust and sturdy, which is why it never cracks or breaks even when you drop it on the floor. As you sear your burger patties with it, you will see how the tool will make the grilling process highly convenient for you. Our only complaint with this press is that it is priced a little higher, and you still do not get a base or mold in the deal.


  • This press will help boost the flavors in your burger patties.
  • Stainless steel material of the press is safe for all kinds of ingredients.
  • Its handle is screwed highly securely.
  • You can use it to develop a crispy crust on your patties.
  • It is a fantastic tool for making sliders.


8: no1cook Burger Press Patty Maker

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One of the most popular burger press in the USA has to be this one by no1cook. Every time you use it, you will be able to make the most consistent patty. It will also make you maintain patties’ sizes when you are making burgers or hamburgers for your family. The base’s design is ridged, which will help you create the same layout on each patty that you make with the product. Imagine how amazing your burgers will look as you choose this burger press over other products.

You can use it to fill ground turkey, ground chicken, or ground beef for making patties full of the juicy meat. However, many people also make veggie patties with this press as they try to fill it with a mixture of their favorite vegetables. For toppings, you can use anything, ranging from jalapeno to cheese. If you know someone who loves burgers, you can also use this press as a gift. It will surely make them immensely happy and have the tastiest burgers on their plates every time.


  • This burger press can be washed and cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • You will get 30 nonstick patty papers with it.
  • It will allow you to prepare patties with the same thickness and size.
  • The interior of the base is ribbed so that all the patties have some patterns on them.
  • It only weighs 7 ounces and is hence easy to port and move.


9: FaySun Burger Press

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With different types and sizes of molds in this Burger Press set by FaySun, you will create the patty as you like. The handle on the top press is so sturdy that it will never bend or break even when you press it hard. Instead, it will allow you to apply some pressure over the surface of the patty. This burger press is highly affordable and will yet last many years with you without causing any trouble. It has a black design that you will find in most of the burger pressed in the market.

It is made using plastic, which is environment friendly and will also help keep your food edible at all times. Your patties will always come out quickly from the base. The same base will also never develop any unwanted buildup because of its smooth surface. However, if you are worried about your patties sticking to the surface, you can also use liners in the form of burger press papers on the base. Even when this press is made using plastic, it is still dishwasher safe and won’t want you to waste massive time in its cleaning.


  • The black design of this set looks exquisite.
  • There are many pieces in this set that will allow you to decide the size of your patties.
  • The plastic used as the material is eco-friendly.
  • A three-month refund policy comes with this press.
  • You can also use this set as a gift.


10: TDHDIKE 3-in-1 Burger Press

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For stuffed patties, this is the burger press that works the best. Therefore for those of you who love eating stuffed hamburgers, TDHDIKE has brought a superb burger press. It is a gourmet kitchen tool that many professional cooks in their kitchens. Many times, when you order a hamburger outside, you cannot customize the flavors and ingredients as you like. But again, making hamburgers is quite tough. However, with this fantastic press making hamburger patties will be the most straightforward task for you. After all, it is the patty that takes time.

It has a nonstick coating on its base. Due to this reason, the product will be very easy to wash even in the sink. However, if you do not want to use the sink, you can also toss the press in the dishwasher. As you prepare many patties, they often stick to one another. However, if you use wax papers as you stack your patties, they won’t stick. Additionally, their storage for later use will also be more accessible for you. In the deal, you will get 100 free wax papers. Even then, the price of this fantastic burger press is still comparatively less.


  • The design of this burger press is simple and easy to understand.
  • Its handle is comfortable to hold and secure at the same time.
  • Free wax papers come in the deal.
  • The base of the press has ridges for creating patterns over the patty.
  • With this burger press, you can turn your burgers into perfect gourmet meals.


How To Pick The Right Burger Press

Given below, we have five factors that will immensely help you as you head out to buy a good burger press. All of the factors are pretty basic, yet people forget about considering them. Therefore, we decided to shed as much light as possible on each one of them –

  1. Diameter and Depth of the Burger Press Molds

Generally, the diameter of burger presses is 5 inches. However, if you want to make larger patties, you can also look for burger presses that come with mold with a diameter of 6 to 7 inches. But you should also know that such huge patties won’t fit comfortably in regular-sized burger buns. On the other hand, as far as the molds’ depth is concerned, you can look up for molds with a depth of 2 cm. A depth of 2 cm will be perfect for regular as well as stuffed burger patties.

  1. BBQ and Flame Safe Molds

Many molds come in the burger press sets that can be directly put on the BBQ or flames. Molds like this allow you to cook your patties evenly without taking them out of the molds. This way, the patties are less prone to breaking or getting crumbled. You also do not require extra cooking tools for the purpose as the mold is sufficient in cooking and searing the patty as per your liking. Such burger presses are generally made from metals.

  1. Type of Handle

In burger pressed, you will either find vertical or horizontal handles. While vertical handles are known to have the good-old design, they usually cannot be detached from the top press. Due to this reason, the cleaning of the press might not be satisfying. On the other hand, horizontal handles on the press can be easily detached. They also allow easy pressing of the patty. Additionally, such handles also help save space from your kitchen because as you detach them, you can store the burger press easily in your cabinets. This feature also helps a lot when you think of taking the burger press when you pack your bags for a picnic with your family.

  1. Material

Many people these days have started investing in burger presses made out of plastic. However, if you are also thinking of doing so, you must make sure whether the plastic is safe on food or not. Generally, plastics are never free from certain toxins that can react with your food. But if you choose the plastic burger presses from our list, you will find that we have only added the ones that are safe and easy to maintain. We understand that people might have other priorities and still won’t like the ones we have presented. Such consumers can always go with burger presses made out of metal or stainless steel in general.

  1. Use and Cost

If you ever come along a burger press that will allow you to make patties for burgers, sliders, and even hamburgers, you must know that the deal is right. We have also seen numerous burger presses that also allow users to create stuffed patties on their own without using any tools. These types of presses are also suitable. So, always look for them. On the other hand, you must also consider the price of the burger press. For domestic use, you are surely not going to use the tool every day. Therefore, purchasing a burger press with a huge price will surely not be right for you. Always buy the burger press that you think is affordable yet qualitative.

Bottom Line:

Today, we have only brought the best burger presses that you can easily purchase in the USA. If you cannot find any of these presses in the local stores near you, you can also choose to order them online. This way, the burger press will reach right at your doorstep. To make your shopping venture easy, we have described all the burger presses’ features separately from their description. Therefore, if you cannot go through the description, you can read the features in only a few seconds. We are hoping that you end if with the right burger press soon.