Belgian Waffle Maker Vs. Regular Waffle Maker – What’s a difference?

Waffles are the most popular and one of the delicious breakfast meals. No one can say no to waffles, especially when served at breakfast. The taste of waffles goes to the next level when someone gets the favorite topping on a waffle. But which one do you like the most, Belgian waffle or regular waffle?

Yeah, we know it is a tough decision, but if you want to know more about these two waffle types. Do you have any interest to know the possible difference between the Belgian and the Regular waffle maker? If yes then make sure to stick with this post till the end, It’s because we are going to cover everything that an average person needs to know about these two waffle makers.

Belgian Waffle Maker Vs. Regular Waffle Maker

History Of Waffles:

  • It is still unclear when the first waffle came, but if we talked about the Belgian waffles, it was the first officially introduced in 1968.
  • The name of Belgian waffles was actually presented because these different types of waffles were quite popular and introduced in Belgium.
  • If you have cooked both types of waffles at home, you may know the main difference between them. Right? If not, we want to let you know that the main difference present in the recipe section. And Belgian waffles have the yeast ingredient but the regular ones not.

Possible Difference Between Belgian Waffle Maker and Regular Waffle Maker:

There are not too many differences present between both of the types of waffle makers, that’s why these waffle makers look identical to each other. Still, there are some noticeable differences present, so let’s find out what those differences are.

  • If we ask that what is the best thing that you like the most about a typical waffle other than the taste, then we are sure that most of you will answer that we like the unique design that it has. Grooves are the main difference between both waffle maker types because in the Belgian waffle makers the grooves are a bit deeper. Therefore, you usually get solid shapes on the Belgian waffles as compared to the regular ones.
  • Talking about the second difference, so it is actually about the time it takes to prepare a waffle. So, the regular waffle maker easily wins this round because the grooves are not that deep in this maker; that’s why it cooks the batter faster than the Belgian waffle maker.
  • Going down to the size section of both waffle makers, so you will find that the Belgian waffle makers come with a considerably bigger size than the regular waffle maker. And this is another reason why the Belgian waffle makers are heavy than the normal ones.
  • The last difference that presents between these two waffle makers is present on the basis of cost. The Belgian waffle maker will cost you higher than the regular waffle makers because it comes with larger and deeper grooves.

So, these were some of the possible differences that present between these two most popular waffle makers. And these differences will make it easy for you to choose the right type of waffle maker according to your needs.

Is it possible to use the regular waffle maker for making Belgian waffles at home?

Well, the short and sweet answer to this question is that yes, you can use a regular waffle maker to make the Belgian waffles. But the result may disappoint you a bit; its because the Belgian waffle that you will make with standard makers will not be the actual shape and size as the real Belgian waffle. But to do this, you just need to change in the recipe, and that’s it, you are good to go.