Amazing Things That You Can Do Using a Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters help in cutting cookies of different and adorable shapes from the cookie dough. However, their uses don’t just cease there.

If you want to know all the fantastic things that you can do with these cutters other than giving shapes to your cookies, just keep reading. Below we have described six exceptional uses of cookie cutters that anyone can easily incorporate.

Cookie Cutter

  • Paint your clothes using them

Since cookie cutters come in different shapes, you can use them for painting perfect shapes in your favorite shirts and tops. If you use them, you will not have to mark the borders of those shapes using a pencil or a pen. Just place them over the fabric, and the cutter will act as a stencil. Your t-shirts and tops will indeed look way more stylish and unique once you do this. If you wish, you can also mix some funky colors and then paint the cloth.

  • Use them as Photo Frames

Cookie cutters can also be used as a frame for your photos very well. All you have to do is paste your favorite photograph on to cardboard and cut it according to the shape of the cookie cutter. Then you can simply fit that photo inside the cutter. If you like, you can also add support at the back of the cardboard or simply add a hook for hanging the pictures with frames on the walls of your homes. This will serve as a very creative decorative idea when you do not have the budget to buy photo frames.

  • Use them while doing art and craft

To cut decorative paper in beautiful shapes, place the cookie cutter on top and mark the borders using a pencil. Heart-shaped or round cookie cutters are excellent for this purpose. After marking the borders, you can just cut the shape using a pair of scissors. The shapes will always come out to be perfect and never look different from one another. You can also use the cutters to simply pain borders of those shapes on papers.

  • Use them for making candles

If you like having a square or heart-shaped candles, we suggest you to use cookie cutters to make them at home. For this purpose, simply take some regular candles and melt them over a heated surface. After that, pour the melted wax inside the cookie cutter. Wait for some time, and don’t forget to put a burning thread in it. After the wax has solidified, you will have your candle that you can burn any time. If you wish, you can also add essential oils in the melted wax so that when the candle burns, it imparts a fragrance into your room.

  • Use them for making soaps

Soap making at home is honestly an enjoyable thing to do. You can learn the procedure of soap-making easy by having access to the internet. You can read many articles or watch instructional videos related to it. Once you are done gathering that information, you can use the cookie cutters as shaping-frames for your soap. Your soap will hence come out having the shape just like your cookie cutter. Extracting soaps from cookie cutters is easier than trays as you can pull the settled soap from both the sides of the cutter.

  • Use them to take food presentation one step further

We have seen many pictures of heart-shaped watermelon pieces, and we have to say that they look incredibly adorable. This can be achieved by merely using cookie cutters. You can also set the rice on a place in a better way using cookie cutters. Just place the cutter on the plate and fill it with cooked rice. Press it to fill some more. After this, slowly remove the cutter, and there you will have a well-presented rice recipe right on the plate.


You know, cookie cutters can be incredibly amazing tools if you genuinely incorporate all of their purposes than many people do not know.

Here we have covered everything that we could. We hope that you will try at least one of the few uses, as mentioned above. Don’t be shy; you’re going to do great things.